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Hi, all.

Just making my introduction in the forum. I'm wide-eyed newbie. Definitely wet behind the ears with blind enthusiasm which surely annoy some in the forum.

I didn't even know such a forum existed. what a place with tons of information and knowledgeable people.

I've been studying up on CPA affiliate marketing and there is so much to learn.
Building backlinks, press releases, social media/bookmarking, link wheels/funnels keyword research, site building, copywriting, PPC, CPA, CPC, EPA, good offers, bad offers, surveys, zipcode submitting, Landing Pages... Ai! if you opened up my brain right now, it'll look like a steaming bowl of Chow Mein noddles.

I considered buying a site from the forum.(I'm taking recommendations) It does seem like a way to skip ahead to the fun part (making money) as I need to see some income rather soon. But then again, I don't think I can really tell if a site is a good buy without knowing how to build a profitable affiliate site on my own. I guess when you're a newbie, it is always a catch-22 whether we're talking affiliate marketing or job hunting.

First goal is to build sites which generate 1000 to 1500 dollars a month in 60 days. Wildly optimistic I know. But optimism is the only fuel I have in abundance, so it will have to do. :p

I will appreciate any advice, know-hows, guidance, tips, kick in the pants, wake-up call, or tough love you have to offer.

Thank you and have a wonderful day!
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    First of all, welcome.

    I'm sure you'll learn a lot here, from products or WSO's. There are a lot of people here ready to help you, take advantage of it!

    Good luck!
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    Welcome! This is a great place to learn with TONS of information however you need to be careful about information overload.

    As a new online marketer, my advice would be to learn the different ways of making money online, but a basic overview of each, which this forum has, then figure out 1 or 2 different ways of making an online income that suits you, your personality, and what you want to accomplish, then focus in on those 1 or 2 different ways, learn all you can, dig in the knowledge and then start taking massive action.
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    Oh, and don't forget, TAKE ACTION!
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    Hey Hybrid43,

    You seem very ambitious, and I'd just like to say welcome to the forum and i wish you all the best with your ventures!
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    Welcome. Sounds like you have plenty of enthusiasm and have been doing plenty of reading. Try not to get too overloaded with info. Find something that interests you and master it.
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      Being an optimist and having a goal are a great start. Most people don't know what they want and if they do know don't deep down believe they can get it. So, you are way ahead of the pack.

      There is a lot of information on this forum, just make sure you are taking action on achieving your goal more than you spend time reading.

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    Welcome to the happiest place on earth... well sometimes.

    Words of advice:

    1. Don't get into a WSO buying addiction

    2. Focus, focus and FOCUS!

    3. Don't believe everything you read here.

    4. Most important - TAKE ACTION... get your feet and brain moving into the mindset of making money.. Just Please do SOMETHING.
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      Yes, would agree with Steven's last post. WSO buying can eat up loads of money and lead to the usual info overload. I know, because I'm there at the moment and working 12 hours a day and just accumulating stuff, that I barely have time to read or watch. I think the best approach is to go through a course from someone like Chris Farrell (it's free) who takes you through the whole lot and helps you understand all the various skills you will need. Then with that knowledge, you could possibly purchase a website and work on it or buy the odd WSO and just do it. The problem with buying WSO's as a shortcut, is that you often get into them and then find there's a big gap in your knowledge and give up - then buy another one haha.
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        Welcome m8 all you need to know about IM is within this forum.

        Like many others said before me, don't become a buying WSO addict because that will get you nowhere.

        Focus on 1 method and make it work before you try the next.

        Stay focused and take action.

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    The study to action ratio that Jason Fladlien talks about in his time management course will be very helpful for you now that you've plunged yourself into IM, as you may already have noticed it's a jungle out here!

    The study-to-action ratio simply means that for every piece of information you learn enough to act on, act on it right away. A good example would be 1 hour of learning CPA followed by 1 hour of actually practicing what you have learned, which will make a 1:1 ratio.

    He encourages you to increase the action part with every 1 part of study. That's the only way you'll see results.

    And yes, good luck!

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    Warrior Forum is definitely your best move, just be respectful of the rules, and as stated above don't get caught up in a buyers addiction. There are several WSO's offered that can indeed benefit you. The key is to apply what you learn, take action, and never quit!

    This forum is largely responsible for my 1st sales and arming me with the knowledge to start earning online.

    Glad to have you onboard!

    All the Best,

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    Welcome to the world of IM! just remember not to get overwhelmed by all the different kind of methods..pick a good one and stick to it. oh yea and never give up!
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    Welcome! My best advice is find a good mentor and learn as much as possible from this person. And let me tell you, it isn't hard to find helpful souls on this forum, this resource is more valuable then all! Don't overwhelm yourself with information, focus on one direction and hammer through it. You will get there! Good luck!

    Anthony R. Smith
    Marketing | Socialaire Group

    An antonym for ambitious is 'easy'.

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    Thank you for all the replies. 14 replies in 12 hours. there is a lot of love here.
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    Welcome on board! There`s so much to learn and share here. I`m sure you`ll enjoy your stay on WF
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    Welcome newbie, I hope you will have good and enjoyable time here..... I like your enthusiasm of making money.... cheers.........
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    I just wanted to add a few notes that have helped me immensely.

    -Find a niche or service you are passionate about
    -Research keywords and products thoroughly
    -Always apply simple SEO practices (when you start building sites, posts, or pages) targeting your keywords
    -Build quality backlinks
    -Buying [exact match] domains helps alot!
    -Be patient

    Finally, if you decide to use Adwords to do CPA offers...Do Not attempt to use ClickBank affiliate offers, I tried to place my first ad using a CB offer and got suspended for life!

    Truth be told, I didn't even know what I had done wrong, as it was my first attempt to place paid ads with Google, and despite my plea for a 2nd chance, Google refused to reinstate my account. I haven't tried it yet but paid ads on Facebook if done correctly can yield some great returns...on my to do list

    All the Best,

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    Brad here - not a thing wrong with being optimistic. Just take it one step at a time. There is a lot of free material out there that will answer a lot of questions right off the bat.

    You might want to consider listening to the Internet Business Mastery materials. (internetbusinessmastery.com) They are free on ITunes. Jay and Sterling have posted over 75 free podcasts that cover the water front. Nothing better to get you started with some of the best.

    Hang on to your wallet for now - get your bearings then follow your dreams! That is what it is all about.

    I am pulling for you - best of luck !

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    There's two things that I can say that will help you on your way to financial independence, and that is:

    1. Never let fear determine your outcome!
    2. Never let where you come from determine where you're going!
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