Affiliate Marketing , Does it work?

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I have found a great site on clickbank. Ranked in the top ten of all money making sites. I have started with them a little while ago and what to know some info on your success rate. Anyone out there have any long term experience with Maverick Money Makers??
thanks to all .
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    I haven't personally promoted but have heard a lot from people specially the one's with a heavy list. It is a money maker.

    ^^^Click The "UGLY BANNER" to "MAKE MONEY"^^^
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    98% of all successful people online are affiliate marketers working in niches that have nothing to do with showing someone how to make money.

    It's simply 10X easier for a newbie or a non earner to finally make money operating in niches that have nothing to do with showing someone how to make money.

    Hope This Helps!!


    "It's easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled. -- Mark Twain

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    From what Ryanman says, you've picked a good one.

    My favourite affiliate marketing 'guru' is Chris Rempel. He writes about the different types of product. The sort where people want it once (fixes a problem, or fits the latest fashion fad) and the sort where people come back for more in the same niche - the sort of niches and products you can build a list of happy customers on.

    I've gravitated towards the latter, because I want my efforts to have long-term effects. But we know that some people get the affiliate marketing thing cracked, and make good money from it.

    Good luck in 2009.
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      Hey, Ricky...

      Please read the sig file rules. You aren't allowed to direct link to affiliate programs.
      "You can have everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want."
      ~ Zig Ziglar
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    And the Maverick Money Makers curse strikes again. This is beyond a joke now.
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      Many thanks to all who have posted.

      Good feedback is always appreciated here.

      THANKS TO ALL Ricky

      " As we we are"

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    Hi Ricky I have experience with this money making program. Can I ask you are you a member or a member and an affiliate of the program?
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