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Hello everyone! I am new to posting on the Warrior Forum, but I have been reading it for a couple of weeks. I need some guidance, ideas, etc. please.

Background: I work as a real estate broker 3 days a week in a corporate job. The other 4 days are spent with my family and running my eBay business. I buy items and resell but I also have a consignment business that I want to grow this year.

My degree and former career was journalism with an emphasis in marketing and writing. I know a good bit about the internet and have had websites for years. I know little about creating or designing a website from scratch, however.

My goals this year are to grow the consignment business, go into eBay/online sales training for large groups and consulting one on on as well as writing ebooks and ezines. I obviously want to make money and eliminate my day job. I signed up for Aweber, bought some WSOs I have been reading, I read Jim Cockrum, Lynn Dralle and LIsa Suttora's stuff on eBay.

I would love any ideas you all would have on how to structure these businesses and the best ways to start pulling people into my blogs and websites. I want to use video and I have Camtasia already too. I feel like I am trying to learn and do too many things at once.

I list over 100 items a week on eBay so that is taking some time too. I have an eBay store, a blog about eBay, a website for my training/consignment business and a blog about weight loss that I just started.

Someone point me in the right direction!

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    Though I'm hardly an IM expert, I'd like to give a few tips

    Make a list of everything you want to do, look at it and decide if it is possible. If there is just too much to do in a single year remove some items. Then create a plan with a specific schedule and follow it.

    Outsourcing can also help - and not just for the things you don't know how to do. Remember, you don't need to learn how to do everything if you already have enough money to pay someone who knows to do what you need.

    As for atracting people, since you have a background in writing I suggest you start with writing articles while you learn about other tools, SEO and webdesign.

    I didn't quite understood if you already have websites and blogs or if you are talking about your future ones, but if you don't have them, building one could also be a great start. Alternatively, if you don't have a website and since you don't know how to create one good enough, just promote affiliate products with articles and gather enough money to invest in your websites/blogs if you still want to make some.
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    It's easy to get overwhelmed when there are so many ideas and things to do. You seem to have a handle on what you want to do, and that's an important first step.

    As Miguel stated, setting up what you want to do over a year is a good idea, but I think you should break it down farther. Figure out what's important to you and put it into monthly and weekly increments. After doing this for a short time you will have a better handle on how to handle the workload.

    As for driving traffic, I agree that your writing background is perfect for article marketing. Concentrate on that to drive traffic.
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    Can you tell me how writing articles would help me drive traffic? In other words, where do I put these articles to drive the traffic?

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    You mentioned that you have a consignment business that you want to grow this year.
    Is it online or offline?

    My concern is the amount of time your ebay tasks take. You said you list 100 per week. Are you making money with it?
    Have you sat down and really figured out the money you make selling on ebay vs the time invested? Don't forget to factor in all the listings that don't sell.
    I think you really have to look at your ebay "business" very carefully to determine if its something to continue and grow or move on to other things.
    You mention going into ebay/online sales training for groups and consulting one on one - with all the recent changes to ebay, you may be jumping on a dying horse.

    Figure out how much you are worth per hour and then calculate what you make on ebay - that should tell you if its worth it or not.
    If you aren't makeing money then you need to look at doing something else.

    Personally I'm in favor of creating my own business / website vs riding the coattails of someone elses - ie/ebay

    I had a client who was just like you. Had her ebay store, produced videos and had her own blog and e-commerce site. If you spread yourself too thin nothing gets done properly and you don't make money.

    There are a lot of different ways to make money online - some better than others. Its easy to get pulled in all directions with this or that persons idea of what works best.

    Beware - There are people out there who make their primary income doing the "task" and there are people who make their primary income teaching you how to do the "task" and trying to convice you that the "task" is the best way to make money online.

    If you are unsure of what's a good fit for you, try doing some affiliate sales. Make money while you learn.
    Go invest $30 or so into Jeremy's video course (WSO). It shows you how to do affiliate selling and using articles to drive traffic. You have a background in writing - his technique should be childs play for you. There is some excellent material in there.
    I run a personalized coaching program but I'm telling you to go check out his video course.


    Getting back in the grove after taking a year off following a family tragedy.

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