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by Mehak
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hey guys as you probably know how much I love my video marketing. I wanted to take it to the next level and wondered if anyone can help?

as you can see in the beginning of this video there is a girl presenting infront of an animated board. I wanted to know if there's a software or effect used to create the outline of the person? Usually when we shoot videos the surroundings/backgrounds etc are all in the lens area. How would I create a video with just me regardless of where i am standing?

Thanks in advance
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    The technique is called "Green Screen" aka "Chroma Key", you can Google it for more details.

    Basically you film the talent in front of a monocolored green or blue background (the screen) and then use a special software to eliminate the color of green or blue that the background consists of.

    What you are doing at that point is making everything in the video but the talent 'transparent' and then taking that video and overlaying it on top of whatever background you want displayed behind them in the composite video.

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      Thanks that's very cool and useful.

      Much appreciated
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    When using a green screen try and get the brightest lighting sources you can possibly afford. The more light you put on the the screen the better results you will get when you key everything out and fill in another background.

    Ensure that the person in the video isn't wearing any green or blue, and doesn't have crazy wild hair.

    Source: Myself, used green screen a lot when I still had filmmaking dreams.
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      one tip...MAKE sure you DO NOT wear clothing similar in color to the blue or green screen....the chroma keying will cut that out too and it will look like a big hole where that color is.

      Just thought I would throw that in there!

      Good luck!
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        Haha that would be funny! Thanks for your help
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          Originally Posted by Mehak View Post

          Haha that would be funny! Thanks for your help
          Actually, you can use the same color clothing as the background color for some really outrageous effects if and when you want to take your videos 'to the next level'.

          It all depends on what you're going after as far as chroma keying certain parts of the video. Like this...(really corny example found on YT, but you'll get the point )

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