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I am trying to sign up with Kunaki.com (not an aff link). The process of signing up involves downloading their publisher app and designing the product covers first before the actual launch. The problem is the software freezes on the very first page where it says "please wait..initializing". None of the buttons are responding either. The machine is a quad core Intel with 8Gb of ram, OS is Win XP SP3. Everything else is running ok on there. This is the first and only program I am having issues of this nature.

Also does anyone know for a viable alternative to Kunaki that offers 100% automation through the checkout process via Paypal to delivery? I am looking for a 100% handsfree solution to automate my eBay digital products delivery and also offers a global coverage.

Any suggestions?

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    Edit: Oops, I mistook Kunaki for Kajabi, sorry. So please ignore my comment below

    I'm not with Kunaki, and therefore can't comment on the problems you're experiencing. But if I were you I'd try to contact their support team.

    In regards to alternatives I'd recommend checking out NanaCast and OfficeAutoPilot.
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    You could use other software for the design. But if you want to use the Kanaki application you will probably have to contact their support.
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    Got it working now anyway. It was high Internet Explorer settings that was the issue.
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    Personally, I think Kunaki is great and whenever I show an offline client what it can do, they are blown away.
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