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hey guys, it has been a while since I was last here as I was busy with some other projects. So many great topics going around, it's good to be back!

I wanted to share with you something I don't see a lot of people doing online. As you know it is very important to brand yourself and build a following and we all know people buy from people they like. So how can you get them to like you?...

Share your story! That's what makes you unique. People love hearing stories, it's human nature, so share how you started online and what your goals/aims were. What you did prior to this etc

her's my story hope you like it!

#mehak naheem #online brand #personal story #story
  • Great idea and thanks for sharing your story!
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    Great story. I agree, personal stories are a very effetive way to market yourself.

    Here's the structure that I use for stories:
    • Start positive / happy (how your market wants to feel)
    • Explain what changed and how things went wrong (what your market fears)
    • What you did to get by and how you survived
    • Rub salt into the wound (make them feel the pain)
    • Explain how you began to turn things around, all the things you tried
    • Eureka moment - what worked (and how it relates to what you're selling)
    • Show the results you achieved
    • Present social proof
    • How it changed your life
    • Tell them to take action
    • Remind them what it's like to NOT take action
    There's probably better ways to structure a story, this is what I've found works for me.

    So here's how I tell my story using this structure:
    • Self taught web design & landed a high salary job
    • Became a single father & left work to raise my kid
    • Was broke had a crap lifestyle
    • Tried to make easy money online and failed
    • Knuckled down and focused, saw success
    • Show what happened when I scaled it up
    • Name some of the people who ask to work with me
    • Show my current lifestyle
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