Newbie Article Writer any advice?

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My girlfriend is branching out into article writing and ghost writing.

To get a feel for the business of article marketing. She is looking for punters and charging $4.50 an article and less for bulk orders.

Is that a reasonable price to ask? too much? not enough?

She is degree educated, born and bred in england and a native speaker of english. I know this makes a difference in how much she could charge.

I'm looking for advice I could give to her about starting up as an articel writer. What should her next plans be?

I'm thinking I could get a website knocked up with her details and some articles she has written for me as examples.

Obviously advertise in the warrior forum and other places.

She is eager to get started so any advice to get her up and running would be greatly appreciated.
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    Just responded to her post, but I think it is a good offer for a limited amount of people and that's it. After that she needs to find consistent clients or new clients willing to pay more. I started at $3 believe it or not to get my name out there, and then moved up to $5. Now most of mine go for 8-10 bucks each. Find the price point that brings enough work without bringing too much. It helps being able to choose topics.

    For instance, I can write about blogging or fitness much quicker than I can write about Ipod 3g's.
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    Give out some free samples early on and show people your quality...Once you have a good will in the market you will have no issues charging much more for your writing. Try here, elance, guru and other similar sites.

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      Thank you both for your above advice. I'm not the originator but I too am trying to 'break in' to the article writing business.

      I've been scanning the warrior forum and other marketing forums to see how to go about it.

      Any additional advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    Yeah, it's an ok starting point I suppose, but she should try to bump that dollar up as quickly as possible. There are many more lucrative writing opportunities available if she is interested in making writing a full time thing (even if she isn't, there are more lucrative opportunities available for part time workers, too).
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    How long does it take her to write each article?
    I think the prices are way too low. It's better to set the bar higher and go for the top clients who want quality and good researching.

    I wouldn't employ someone that cheap- and I use alot of writers over my year....becasue it indicated they are pretty crappy.
    Don't undervalue her talent- if she has it

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    What was the purpose in making this post when your girlfriend already posted... ???

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    Hi, jetsetwilly. My guess is that the numbers you are considering are down on the low end. That might not imply the quality that she is capable of. First things first - post some samples so people can see how she writes. If she's really good, she can get less business but at a significantly higher rate.

    And after all, isn't that what makes it fun? Less work for more money?

    Good luck with it. - Russ
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    I started with $8 per article, and I would never recommend giving away free samples. Freebie seekers don't often turn into paying clients. Have your samples on your site, and that will show the quality of your work.
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