Conquer Internet Marketing by Making One Simple Choice

by Truxx
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This is a different kind of post. I’m not trying to take your money. I’m not selling anything that you don’t already have. I’m not giving back because I really have not taken. All that I am doing, really, is explaining something that makes sense. But I do believe that it makes enough sense that it is why you either succeed in IM or you do not.

“97% of all IMers will fail to make any money”. I’ve seen this stat thrown around so much that it’s almost cliché:

“97% of all IMers will fail to make any money”... sounds almost as familiar as “Don’t count your chickens before they hatch”.

It’s discouraging to hear but as with all stats, they only apply to a group. They DO NOT apply to the individual. They do not apply to YOU unless you CHOOSE to let them apply. This brings me to my “secret” or “trick” or “one amazing thing” or “astonishing method” to succeed in internet marketing…


It’s very simple. You choose to succeed. You choose to implement. You choose to take action. You choose not to become inundated with too much information. You choose to redefine “failure” as “learning opportunity”.

One of my favorite authors, Malcolm Gladwell, describes why too many choices are bad in his book “Blink”. In this book he describes research done by Sheena Iyengar, Ph.D. (who herself wrote a very popular book about choice titled “The Art of Choosing”). Specifically, Dr. Iyengar did and experiment for her research paper titled, “When Choice is Demotivating” (

For her experiment, Dr. Iyengar set up a free tasting booth in a grocery story with six different kinds of jam. The customers could try the jam and then buy it if they wanted. It turned out that 40% of the customers stopped to taste and 30% of those bought. (pretty nice to have a 40% CTR and 30% conversion rate huh!?!?!?!)

Next, she waited a week and set up another free tasting booth. This time customers could choose from twenty-four different jams. The result? 60% of the customers stopped to taste but only 3% bought any jam.

The conclusion is having too many choices makes people 10x less likely to buy.

Too much information demotivates people from taking any action. Is this starting to sound familiar yet? If not then let me put it in perspective. As of right now there are 4239 people browsing the WSO section of the Warrior Forum. There are over 19,000 threads. 19,000 ways for you to start making your fortune in internet marketing.

I’m not saying there isn’t a lot of good information in many of those WSO’s. I’m just saying that having too many choices is demotivating 97% of the people looking at them. Each WSO is harmless by itself but together they create an avalanche of information that is overwhelming. And every snowflake in an avalanche claims to be innocent.

YOU, as an individual, should choose a method and take action. Stick to that action and don’t start something and then run off to the next WSO and start something else. YOU, the person reading these words right now, has the power to choose to be the 3% who make it in IM.

So use the WF to educate yourself because it’s a great resource, but in the words of Morpheus: Neo, sooner or later you're going to realize just as I did that there's a difference between knowing the path and walking the path”
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    Awesome post!!!!!! Exactly what I need to be doing ... I've been creating projects like no other, when I just need to focus on one ...
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      Thanks TolyZ. Glad I could be of some inspiration!!
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        Thanks for the post and for reminding me about that Malcolm Gladwell piece. It's so true, the more choices we have the harder it is to make a decision. This is why Jason Fladlien has his 60 second rule for making decisions. Whether it's picking a niche, choosing an article title, a headline for a sales copy, set yourself a set time, and when it is up, you must pick one. All successful people know the value of speed of implementation.

        Please read the forum rules.

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          That has to be the best post I've read on here yet, thanks for that!
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    I love the example with the jams. Really opened my eyes to some things.

    Thanks for the inspiration!
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    Nice post. Smart words. And the smartest of all?.....

    choose a method and take action. Stick to that action and don’t start something and then run off to the next WSO and start something else

    Take that advice and you're pretty much golden.
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      Originally Posted by Roy Carter View Post

      choose a method and take action. Stick to that action and don't start something and then run off to the next WSO and start something else.
      Yes, its so important to take action...real action. Sometimes you have to remind yourself what real action is, however, and separate educating yourself and acting in your mind. Reading WF is educating yourself (knowing the path). Getting a domain, product, building a website, building your list, promoting your site, rolling up your sleeves and getting traffic, even if you don't really know what you're doing, is acting (walking the path).
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        Great post!

        I get so tired of seeing people complain about "information overload" over and over again... basically making excuses to not succeed.

        ... If everyone just put in time with productive activities (and stuck with it) then they'd probably have a good shot. This isn't rocket science

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          Originally Posted by Ansar Pasha View Post

          This isn't rocket science

          Thanks, and the amazing thing is... it is the simplicity of it all that should be the focus. People make things overly complex when they should be focusing on the simple choice of taking action, implementing simple strategies and being consistent with one method.

          People who stick with IM and get somewhere can probably relate to this quote (slightly modified to suit the audience):

          "We must never cease from exploring, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we began only to know the place for the first time."

          T.S. Eliot
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    Brilliantly written, thank you for your concise encouragement to being direct in our own initiatives
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