How much money do you make online per DAY?

by JasonParker 12 replies
Poll doesn't reveal WHO has taken part in the poll. It only reveals numbers.
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    Where is this poll you speak of?
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      Ahha I see it! Voted.
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        I have voted. I think this is one of the nicest poll...Let us see the results from warriors...
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          Voted. Thanks for the poll!
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            I voted. It will be interesting to see the results of this one.
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              Honestly? I have no inkling whatsoever about getting paid online. I am not even familiar with Paypal and how ads help you. I voted below 50 dollars but if there was an option to say that I don't earn then I'll click that in an instant. Still, questions hound me regarding how to be savvy in this field of marketing.

              Does having an Ebay account with good credentials qualify you for having skills in selling something online? Would it be possible to open up a blog and sharing everything without having to ask for something in return? Do we all feel obligated to earn because we need it or is it the thrill of the chase? These are just a few things that I have to ask. Most of the time I'm busy posting in some other message board sharing about other things like school, music, politics, sports, and the standard gossips that you can read in yahoo or any other website. But never have I seen something like this website before. It really is a conundrum for me and I can't seem to find my place here unless someone is willing to show me the ropes. Obviously, patience is a factor so I hope someone out there can help me. I will be here for a limited time since I try to make ends meet beyond cyberspace. It's traditionally called reality but in this case, I will make an exception. So long as it can augment my lifestyle and try to find something worth talking about besides making money.
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      I voted. But don't know what's he purpose of this poll.
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        Originally Posted by Noel2010 View Post

        I voted. But don't know what's he purpose of this poll.
        Here's why: Because.
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    just voted, this is a very good poll nice & interesting.
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