Ebook vs. Video: What do you recommend?

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Hi Warriors...

I'm in the process of cresting a product that discusses the benefits of Web 2.0 Marketing.

I was thinking about writing an ebook...

Or doing instructional videos using Camtasia...

Here's my thing...

I know most people "starting out" may not have time to read a 100+ page ebook because they may still have a job that pays the bills...they would rather watch a series of 6-20 min videos explaining how to perform the task at hand...


Others like reading ebooks because it clearly lays out step by step what to do in black and white...they may not be too fond of videos for some reason...

So here is my question...

What do you recommend? Ebooks or videos...

I am leaning more towards creating a video series but, to me, it's all about what the customer wants...

Thanks to all that respond to this post...

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    I generally prefer the ebook option because, as you say, it's in black and white and easy to reference. Videos are a very good way to present the information, but a few things have to fall in place for it to be successful. Is the information you're presenting visually suited for instruction? If people are just going to watch you roll through setting up profiles and such then they'll probably get bored.

    Your delivery is important as well. Some people just don't make good videos.
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    Combination of both is my vote.

    Good luck with it. - Russ
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    I would also go with both as I prefer watching video but it's also good to have a quick reference guide with a pdf in case I want to watch something again but can't remember on which video it was.

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      Pavon I would also agree with those that say both. The reason is that each person has an individual learning style. Some are more visual while others are more auditory in nature. By combining both of these methods you stand a much better chance of meeting their needs and in the end selling more of your product.

      Hope that helps.
      "Thoughts become things... choose the good ones!" Mike Dooley
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    Hi Pavon

    People learn in different ways and so have different preferences.

    But consider this - if someone is feeling such pain that they're motivated to seek out, and pay for, a solution then "consumption time" becomes less of an issue.

    I often send very long videos, and free reports, to my list, and I often get feedback that it's too much information. And the reality is that it IS too much info for most people. However, I'm not targeting "most" people - I'm targeting those in pain who are actively seeking a solution and are ready to consume.

    In my two primary markets, those who are proactively seeking a solution (the "buyers") rarely complain that I'm providing TOO much of a solution.

    I hope that helps

    Lee McIntyre
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    I would do both, write a book and create videos, to get the best of both worlds.

    But if I had to choose one, I would go with videos because the perceived value will be higher and you can thus charge a higher price.

    Free PLR to over 30 IM videos: http://freeplrvideos.com/

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    Both... most membership sites I belong to have both.

    Drop 'em both in a membership site and update the content periodically to recycle traffic from your subscriber base so the membership site remains fresh.

    Lifetime "one-time" payment works well with this membership model.

    Depending on the responsiveness of your "buyers", you also have the option of creating a recurring membership model as an upsell in future for more advanced information/coaching.

    Use both and stop the debate dead in its tracks... your customers will not complain about having access to too much quality content in multiple formats under one roof.
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