Do You Have A 'Tech Guy'?

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Hey Warriors,

I was just wondering how many of you have a 'tech guy'. Someone you can ask for help with anything web based, like a handyman for IM.

Up until recently, I didn't have a tech guy and tried to do everything myself. This worked for a while, but progress was slow as I had to teach myself new skills.

Now, I have a tech guy and I don't know how I ever lived without him. He's helped me out with a bunch of stuff that I either didn't have the time to teach myself, was too stupid to understand or just couldn't care less about.

For example:

Trying to set up a dedicated server from scratch with no previous knowledge, within a 2 hour deadline is tricky by yourself. Tech guy to the rescue!

So, do you have a tech guy?

If not, why not?
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    I think that I'm "techy" by nature. So I guess I am my own tech guy. I don't love having tech problems by any means, but when they do come I embrace them with open arms.

    I have an offline client that thinks I am her tech guy... but she doesn't pay me enough monthly for what she needs. But I do help her out on occasions. She was wondering why she could not get her email on her phone. She had changed her password online but not on her phone...
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    Originally Posted by highrank View Post

    For example:

    Trying to set up a dedicated server from scratch with no previous knowledge, within a 2 hour deadline is tricky by yourself. Tech guy to the rescue!
    That's more like a miracle-worker than a tech guy

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    I am very techy myself, although not a guy, so I don't really need one.
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    I wish I did. I'm good enough to solve most of my problems by myself, but I really lack in the design department.
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    I can do very little tech stuff because I decided to be an internet marketer. Most of the time .. if it is going to take me more than a few minutes .. I can make more money promoting or creating and let someone else take care of the tech side.

    I have the greatest tech "women" on the planet. I pay her probably three times the going rate but know I can trust her to have free reign in all my back offices and on my servers. Not something I would do with the run of the mill Fiverr tech

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      I was lucky enough to learn to build websites way before I ever heard about (internet) marketing..

      Without this knowledge, I would probably spend weeks if not months trying to figure everything up, like so many people nowadays do.

      If you can't afford it, then obviously you have no choice but figure everything up for yourself (it can definitely be done)..

      But in case you have some money to invest, I don't see a reason not to hire someone to do it for you.

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    NO .... i dont really have a tech guy .. thats the different thing that i cant afford one at the moment .. but thats why i am in this business .. i am here to be an internet marketing and to learn new stuffs everyday by myself ..
    It doesnt matter that i am 16 yrs or age now.
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    No, because I AM the tech guy. Day job working for the government responsible for everything from basic networking and infrastructure through servers and workstations and all the bits between. Probably will be until I clear at least a half million a year with IM and such. Until then, the day job provides the all important health benefits and a steady income that keeps the mortgage paid.

    It also helps to have been a full time web designer 10+ years ago, and being mostly tech-oriented all my life.

    However, there are many days I've considered finding someone to pass some of the details over to, so I can focus more on the nuts and bolts of the business itself, and less on the technical underpinnings.

    Be grateful for the advances in technology. They've made the whole IM world possible. Most recently, probably the biggest bonus for most folks is the popularization of Wordpress. Now, nearly anyone can have a decent looking web site alive in under 5 minutes, and get meaningful content into it shortly thereafter (if they have anything to say). All is not without peril, however, because with every good thing seems to be something that could be bad.

    For example, with the ease of putting up a web site using Wordpress, or even a site generation script or program, it is so easy that many folks do so without any thought for the security of their files. This isn't a problem so long as you are doing affilate marketing, and the downloadable product is somewhere else with the actual owner, but once you have your own products you are selling, you want to make sure you keep them, or at least not give them away from "leaving the barn door open".

    Strangely, the neophyte or inexperienced product vendor isn't the only place this happens. Some well known gurus also have their products available for all to download for free, because of things they didn't do. [Watch out, shameless plug coming]

    There are lots of ways you can leave yourself open to thievery, and some fairly simple methods to protect yourself. [Still coming...]

    You don't have to be the Tech Guy, and I've run across a fair number of tech guys that left things open because they just had too much to do or it didn't occur to them they had to protect from the bad guys [Almost there!!]

    As it happens [like you didn't know I'd mention it] I have a WSO that can help folks recognize where they give away the location of their precious files, and how to protect them. If you are at all interested, click on the first link in my signature for more details. It's only a bit over 7 bucks right now, and is worth a fortune if you have that many products [Taa Daa... Don't say I didn't warn you it was coming]

    In all seriousness, a Tech Guy can help you in places you never thought about, and give you more time to get your business working the way you want by not being burdened with the underlying techie stuff. Why should you take a bunch of time to learn something you may use once or twice, when you could dedicate the time to making your business generate more money? [No, I'm not selling tech guy service, I don't do consulting any more]. Find a good tech guy and pay him what he wants. It will be money well spent.

    My Current WSO: Financial Independence 2012 - The Truth About Kindle Publishing

    HostGator web hosting is only $0.01 for the first month: Use coupon code HMTSpecial

    Other WSO: Protect Your Product - Prevent THIEVES from stealing your product.

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