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Greetings warrior forum,

just wanted to say thanks for everyone here at the forum, although i am new here, i am learning and it is very much appreciated. but onto my current debocle. im a 23 year old entrepreneur with little experience on the net. thus far i have made a fair living owning my own successful health food store and dabbling in real estate (when it was good). i have my business on semi autopilot which has freed up my time to enjoy other ventures. and i am diving into the world on online marketing to see if i can get a bite of the pie. im stuck figuring out what i should be, where to start and what to do. i have multiple ideas for a product niche, i have a sense for sales and marketing, but my passion remains with supplements and health food. my ultimate goal is to earn a comfortable living outsourcing most of the physical work and being able to travel with my trusty canines and loved ones. i dream of being able to take my health consultations on the road and being able to help people near and far. any ideas on how to get started? any advice on what to do? im really looking for a good partner, i know the health food niche, and i know what the market needs. but i really need some help with the web end of it. someone who can operate the ppc, seo etc. any ideas?
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    If you need help with web stuff I can help. I'm a recent graduate with Computer degree, own local hosting / web design / computer repair company.
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    To succeed online you need a plan to follow so you don't get sidetracked. Here is a plan I suggest.

    See what you've done in the past and succeeded with. Sounds like the health food market for you if you've succeeded in the past there and have a passion for it.

    2.Put together a product or service for the market or area you have succeeded with in the past. When you create a product it must:

    Solve a probem

    Have a unique promise
    Give proof that it will sove the problem

    3.Build two websites. One to focus on selling the product. The second one is a blog to get traffic and leads.

    4. Once your selling website is up thenstart contacting potential JV partners with your product.

    The main thing is you have a plan and stick to it. Ask any other questions.

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