Does GoDaddy Really Give You the Shaft?

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I have heard that if you have domains registered with, they will shut you down if they receive ANY spam complaints against you, even if the complaint is unfounded, and even if you can prove you have a double opt-in request from the "complainer." Is this true?

What are your experiences with GoDaddy and unfounded spam complaints?

I hate spam too. But if this is really true, I am concerned about using GoDaddy as a registrar. (I have a lot of domains registered with them already.)

Does anyone have GOOD experiences with other domain registrars who are not so inflexible?
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    The problem some people have is if they use them as the hosting company
    too. So I use somebody else to host my domains.

    I don't know how true the allegations are, but I don't take chances.
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      I have many, many domains hosted with GoDaddy and I love them.

      Over five years, I've had great customer service from them, and if I need something fixed, or want something, they're cooperative and respond quickly.

      The fact that they have zero tolerance for spammers is fine by me.

      Other hosting companies I use and love are HostGator and Dreamhost. I've just started to use BlueHost, and have no complaints against them either.

      (Why several different hosts? Essentially because I've learned not to rely on one supplier. Things can and do go wrong for companies. That's just the way life is. Always have a plan B.)

      GoDaddy have been great to me.

      Hope this helps.


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        Angela, I'm glad to hear you've had good experiences with GoDaddy. I appreciate the reassurance!
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      Originally Posted by Steven Wagenheim View Post

      The problem some people have is if they use them as the hosting company
      too. So I use somebody else to host my domains.

      I don't know how true the allegations are, but I don't take chances.
      Thanks Steven! I also do not use GoDaddy for hosting. I just got a little "panicky" fearing they'd turn off the DNS servers or something else drastic like that.
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    I've had various websites for several years and I've never hosted
    with anyone but GoDaddy. I've never had a single problem with them
    and I find their customer service to be fabulous.

    Best to ya'

    If you knew what I know you'd be doing what I do...
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    I use and never experienced any issues. I have 25+ domains with them AND host with them. I have not seen any clause related to shutting down a site due to 'complaints.'
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    GoDaddys hosting is garbage. If you like weird, proprietary control panels, and non-industry standard functionality, then go with Go Daddy. Theyre a big company, its not like they are going to disappear one day, but man, the usability of their hosting sucks.
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    I've only ever used godaddy for registering domain names
    and their customer service has always been excellent.

    I also can't imagine them shutting you down especially
    if the complaint is unfounded and especially if you can prove
    to them you have a double opt-in request from the "complainer."

    A customer of theirs would be more important I believe to them
    than someone who complains and is unfounded. Perhaps you
    should email godaddy yourself and ask them your question.

    Never hurts to ask
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    Originally Posted by SKWeaver View Post

    Is this true?

    Originally Posted by Eric Stanley View Post

    I have not seen any clause related to shutting down a site due to 'complaints.'
    Legal Agreement

    And read the domain registration agreement under right of refusal.


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    I have used GoDaddy for years for domains and hosting and have never had a problem with them. They have great customer service.
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      I have many domains registered through GoDaddy, and I've used them for several problems at all (except their website is a bit sluggish at times).

      I do not use them for hosting however. Better hosting plans are found elsewhere (IMHO), for example and (I've had no problem with either of these hosting providers).

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  • I haven't had any problems with them. However, lately I tend to just buy my domains there with a web coupon and then host them at Hostgator. You can get .com's there for about $7 with a web coupon. Just Google "Go Daddy" coupons and you'll find a bunch.

    But no problems with Hostgator either. Maybe just call the Go Daddy support and ask what's up?

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    I use Godaddy to register Domains but not as a host. I believe there are much better hosts for the money, such as HostMonster or HostGator.

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    I will never ever use "big" mainstream hosters, they are BAD.

    I once had a site shut-down and recovery of my site being REFUSED because i wrote ONE (!) post in google news where they received a spam-complaint. Site shutdown and any recovery/backup refused.

    Similar i had sites shut down at big hosters because of CPU usage, eg. associate-o-matic stores which use up a lot of cache. Sites shut down, LOST.

    I am w/ low and medium sized hosters now and i am VERY happy, i often get personal support.
    Recently i joined hostnine (which i consider "medium") and if i have ANY issue it is resolved 2mins after i send the support email, i am NOT kidding.
    Avoid the big mainstream hosters like the PLAGUE since tehy have script kiddies and deal with spam complaints and similar ALL DAY....and zero tolerance also means "no questions asked"...ONE COMPLAINT is enough and they are not even interested whether its legitimate or not, you're just an ant with millions of other customers.
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