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I have been reading all of the success people have had online and just wanted to know, where did you get your start? Please share your stories.
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    I started selling on ebay, then I went into website development, while learning how to drive traffic to them via SEO methods, and I used adsense as my first soruce of income. Later I became a marketing genius, then started to build and resell websites. Then I started creating my own products to be marketed.

    Thats my story in a nut shell. Hope it helps.
    Remember you gave to learn how to creep before you can walk
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    I started using Microworkers to get some money for my first Adsense site!
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    I started with paid forum posting. It's hard work for little pay, but getting those first pennies and dollars into your Paypal are exactly what you need to get addicted to your success!
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    I started by a game review website... knowing nothing about keywords, so it had a lot of mistakes and didnt rank properly...
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    I remember wanting to quit my job and start searching the web for making money online.

    I came accross a site which gave me an ebook on how to create my first website from zero(I knew nothing about websites or internet marketing)

    I started reading it and the next day I had done it!!My First website was online!!!After that the same guy that gave me the ebook promoted me a membership site which i joined and started building my online business by promoting the membership site itself.

    Untill now my income is not enough to quit my job but its not bad either.I've been in IM only 2 months.

    Thats my story and I hope you liked it

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    I got the internet on for the first time a couple of years ago, and immediately started looking for free ways of making money. I tried survey sites briefly, wrote artcles for a lot longer, started doing gigs on Fiverr, but I was still only making ten bucks an hour or less. I figured out that buying a domain and hosting was pretty much essential, as well as having your own product or service to sell, although im still not making much, as Ive just started doing that a week ago. Im glad i spent the time learning about SEO, and stuff first though.
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      I started with buying a one page mini-site that cost me 6 bucks. From there I learned about hosting,domains,where to market. Now I have a
      list of websites that I am trying to rank in serps.
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        I got excited about making money online about 5 months ago and started out doing Surveys online (which didn't make me any money at all ^^).

        Then I just started searching how to make money on the internet and came across a review video on youtube. 2 months ago my created my first niche site, got my first sale and got hocked big time
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    Started On SEO Marketing,Online Presence. Branding Domains, now trying Domaining my self..
    "An Entrepreneur has a Curiosity of a Child,Fearless like a Warrior,Mindset of a Scientist,Endurance of an Athlete, Heart of a Saint and Attitude of a Winner"
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      One of the very first things I did to make money online (this was back around 1998-99) was use tjobs.com. I landed a quick gig "harvesting" email addresses and putting them into a specific text file format and got paid via PayPal.

      Next was a gig through workaholics4hire.com around the same time frame, doing corporate profiles - copy/paste work using Hoover's - into Word docs and emailing those to a client.

      Next was writing a little booklet about starting a home typing/word processing business (around 2000-01). Some months I actually made a whopping $100 by selling five books @ $20 - and these were not ebooks because I didn't know how to do those yet. I actually printed these out (I still have my saddle stitch stapler!) and mailed them. It was pretty exciting that people would buy what I wrote!

      My whole online money-making experience thus far has been in marketing my own services and using AdSense to additionally monetize my website's articles.
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        My husband always encouraged me to do something with my writing skills. He said I should stop letting it go to waste. One day, I finally decided to start figuring out how to use my writing skills to make some money. I read about vWorker.com on a Squidoo lens, so I tried it out. I began getting very low paying jobs, like re-writing eBooks and such. However, once I had a few jobs under my belt I was able to start getting hired for better projects, as the reviews I was getting from employers were quite positive. Eventually I had regular clients. I impressed one of them enough that he offered me a partnership in his business, and the rest is history!

        I did some affiliate marketing years ago, but I didn't enjoy it the way I enjoy writing. To me it's only worth my time if it's something I can enjoy doing.
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    Love all of these stories! I am a graphic designer just getting started with online incomes...and love to hear about all of the different ways it worked for people.
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  • I started off 3 weeks from getting booted out of my apt!

    Talk about motivation.

    I have actually already written a post about it here



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      I started off with a webshop. Did not have a lot of experience but I learned as I went along. Was a really good experience although I eventually got rid of it.

      With my new-found SEO skills I got into setting up niche sites and affiliate marketing.

      All my sites running at the moment are very passive and now I'm basically focusing 100% on my own products and building nice relationships with my customers.
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        I started because I wanted to learn how to get more people to hire me to perform for their private parties and corporate events.

        My education started with a Guerilla Marketing book I bought at the bookstore. An actual book, not an ebook.

        Next, Dave Dee had a course for magicians and through Dave I learned about Dan Kennedy. From there, I was off to the races.

        The first product that really made me money though was The Amazing Formula That Sells Products Like Crazy by Marlon Sanders. I used his advice to market myself as a comedian and magician online.

        However, in the process, I learned about information marketing, and created my first ebook in 2003. It's a course I marketed to my fellow magicians. It has since been revised and still sells well to this day.

        Now I do a combination of online and offline marketing, primarily making my living as an entertainer, but making a nice residual income from my IM business.
        Zach Waldman - Los Angeles Magician
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          Originally Posted by ZachWaldman View Post

          My education started with a Guerilla Marketing book I bought at the bookstore. An actual book, not an ebook.
          Jay Conrad Levinson! I forgot about him! I got my first copy of "Guerilla Marketing" from the local library then bought newer copies from his site.

          I also had an ebook from Jim Daniels and "cloned" Willie Crawford's website with Netscape back in the 90s to make one of my first "real" websites! That was before css.
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    I started as a graphic designer, designing digital scrapbook supplies (hence my user name). Made decent money at that, until everyone else figured out how to make their own stuff in Photoshop and lots of freebies showed up on the web.

    Since I had basics of making money on the internet down and I had grown used to making money online, I took it a different direction by building and monetizing my own sites and and I love it! One great roller coaster ride - although it has been a rough ride since the last Panda update. But it will all go up again!
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    i started gpt websites and realized i could do much more and discovered blogging and affiliate marketing.

    Blogger at RicherOrNot.com (Make Money online blog but also promoting ethical internet marketing)

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    My roommate was making bank with IM, so I got him to teach me a bit about it. Actually, he didn't teach me much...he suggested the 30 day challenge, which, looking back, was ok, but also a good introduction to failure because it doesn't stop you from going into bad niches and wasting a bunch of time.

    The real lesson I learned from my roommate was that IM was like digging for oil, and you have to expect a lot of bad wells until you find the one that pays off.

    I learned more from forums.
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    I wrote a cookbook that I sold using IM tactics

    - Building a list and mailing them recipe daily

    - Great copywriting and lots of digitally downloaded bonuses

    - Tons of testimonials

    That cookbook has sold well for over a decade.

    When I started talking about how I was selling the cookbook, using
    IM tactics, I got noticed by seminar hosts who invited me to
    speak. I was invited because I was successful selling something
    other than how to make money products.

    Things just took off from there, but I did make a few bold moves:

    - Private labeled the 1SC system

    - Hosted my own seminar 4 month after ever attending a live

    - Went through professional speaker training

    - Got coaching and join mastermind groups

    Basically, I took a lot of action... and some risks.


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    I started with selling on Ebay back in the late 90's and early 2000's. I was selling cards and video games at the time. It worked out really well but was hard to handle logistics as a child ha!

    When I got back into the market I focused on freelance writing because I wanted to provide a real service to people and build a client list. I'm now busy with my PLR business, a business blog and a few hobby related blogs that are all working out really well.

    I've got plans for a few product launches in these next few months. From there, it's doing great habits over and over again.

    PLRArticlesNow.com - Niche-Ready PLR Articles Packs at just $12.95 each!

    Murlu.com - Where I write about starting an online business and taking your blog to the next level.

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    I started on Amazon until they s***** me over and had to move on lol
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    I started doing Fiverr gigs and making a slow but real income on that. Now I branched out with my own ghostwriting services website and am currently working for clients as I continually work online to make a name for myself.

    Need a quality, reliable ghostwriter? Ghostwritten content you can be proud of: www.francescolleenwrites.com

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    I needed a website for my offline business. Sunk all I had into a web designer. Then realized I needed traffic to that site. Had no money left for SEO. I figured I'd learn SEO myself.

    Started doing SEO, got more business, learned how to build my own sites for my business because I figured focused sites for each service I offer would work better. I was right. Kept learning SEO and building up my offline business.

    Along the way discovered affiliate marketing and info products. Was intrigued. Applied new skills to creating affiliate sites and wrote an ebook for my offline business customers. Never looked back. Still run my offline business, but hired some people and can now focus more on my online business sites.
    How I hit $10,000+ per month very fast w/ 1 niche blog - Click Here to learn more (no opt-in).
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    I started as a freelancer on another forum, doing all sorts of $10 things, then evolved into making only videos and getting GOOD at them. Now decided to move to IM, less work, more $
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    I started off by purchasing three website before I had any idea what I was doing. Talk about a wake up call!!! I had some trouble getting the site transferred from one of the owners and was wondering what I got myself into. One of the owners recommended I come here to the WF and so I did. Now that I have been here for a while I am beginning to get my business plan in order, developing some products, coming up with lots of ideas and starting to get excited about IM.

    Hope this helps!!!
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