Help, how can this happen?

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Please can someone shed some light on this problem.

Purely by chance I noticed this. I was deleting a domain addon today in my hosting account(I still have the domain registered though) and decided to look to see what happens when I go to the domain url. I couldn't believe it when I saw that there was another website using in existence.

The website seems to have adsense and other adverts and has something about in the massively long url.

I decided to delete another addon domain to see if the same thing happened and it did. I have no doubt that all my websites have been "stolen" or hijacked or whatever it is by this. I did a search on google and others were talking about a "My Scores" gadget causing the problem but I am pretty sure I don't have this or I didn't purposefully have it.

So I just want to find out really if someone is stealing my domain or using them too, how it happened and how I can stop this and also if they will be stealing my sales?

Thanks in advance

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    Most likely, these are parking pages created by your registrar. When your domain name doesn't resolve, most registrar terms of service agreements allow them to do this and they get revenue from the clicks.

    Which registrar are these domains with?
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      Originally Posted by txconx View Post

      Most likely, these are parking pages created by your registrar.
      That's how it sounds to me, too. I'd think that's the first place to ask.
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    Now go contact your hosting provider. They provide support and you need it.
    It buys my product or it gets the hose
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    Thanks for the responses.

    I've contacted hostgator about it, so hopefully they will be able to help. I always use ridiculously complex passwords and I take security very seriously, so not sure how this happened.

    I didn't think it could be my registrar - Namecheap, as the sites look like they have have been custom made but using a template because the header title which is uses different fonts on the 2 domains I checked but of course it could still be the case, I'll go and ask them now. I'll see what my hosting has to say and report back. I suppose the positive side is that before I deleted the addons, my site came up as normal, so I'm hoping for that reason it is not a hijack or hack. I'm so niave on this part of IM .


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    What sales are they stealing? You don't have a site on it if you deleted the Addon Domain. It's probably a parked page from your hosting acct.
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    Can you post the url of one of your sites - then we'll know if others see the same thing. That will tell you whether the problem is on your computer or external.

    I just found this on the google support forum, which might shed some light on your problem hijacked my iGoogle homepage - Web Search Help

    It would also be worth scanning your computer with malwarebytes (
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    No worries, no stealing or anything weird.

    That's what some hosting service or registrar do in situations like yours.

    REAL RESULTS! Try and See!
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    It happened to me. The femtosecond my domain expired someone was right on top of the name to pick it up for themselves.
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      Ok, crisis diverted :p

      I've seen parked pages before and these ones looked different, however, Hostgator has assured me that these are parked pages so problem solved.

      I've seen quite a bit of talk online regarding saying it is a hacking site etc etc so hopefully this thread will reassure anyone who comes accross this and is worried. With all the talk of hacking and hijacking it's easy to jump to these conclusions, especially if you are paranoid like me.


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