what's the #1 best FREE way to drive traffic to a squeeze page?

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I'm in the personal development niche and I'm looking for the #1 best investment of my time for driving free traffic to my squeeze page.

I want to pick 1 traffic strategy so I'm looking for the best way. Anyone?

Thanks guys!
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    White hat methods.

    Don't offer a product if you wouldn't buy it yourself.

    I'll let others list specific white hat methods, hopefully.
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      Lots of choices really.

      Depending on the product or service you are trying to promote, different methods could be best.

      Without already having some good SEO techniques setup, it could take some time. PPC if you want to invest some cash to make it happen.

      Offline market it if you want to not rely on SEO for your traffic. Tell people to go check it out.

      Write an EXTREMELY good article on a subject pertaining to the product. Use article submission software to get it out in as many places as possible. If you don't use software, pick 5 top article sites and submit it there. Be sure to spin it a few times so that each submission is different. Inside the resource box of the article link to a YouTube video for your product. On the YouTube video, place a link to the sales page in the description.

      Just some ideas.
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    I'd say SEO. You could do some social media but it takes time to build up following.

    If you did SEO, wrote some good content, and targeted some lower competition keywords (think long tail 3-4 word phrases), you could start getting traffic to your squeeze page in a few weeks.

    If you want faster results from SEO, you could create some youtube videos and target lower comp keywords. Youtube videos rank well in Google, and they'll rank in youtube itself of course. Then offer something for free in your video and direct them to your squeeze page.

    Just some ideas.
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      Well, the #1 best source of traffic is the one that converts. If you don't test multiple sources then you'll never know the one that converts best for your offer. Also if you are not testing to make sure you have a killer offer, where the traffic comes from won't matter either.

      Also, just to throw in a different way to think about this, your investment of time is the absolute most expensive and valuable asset you have as it is non-renewable. Just about everything else is. . .
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    free method: seo; paid method: traffic rotator like All Inclusive Ads which makes use of, er, everything from Google Adsense to expired domain traffic. Good luck!

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    The best FREE way is to leverage the traffic and relationships that other people have already developed. I'm talking about endorsed traffic.

    Find the biggest "competitors" in your market, examine their products and services and then create some high quality content that either adds to or fills in a gap that was left in their product. Then give that content to them so they can give it out to their customers/subscribers.

    You don't pitch anything in the content you give, but you do have a bounce back in it that leads readers to your site. Once they're on your site give them a chance to get more content that's related to the same topic. In exchange for their email of course.

    This is a win-win-win situation. Your "competitor" gets to give their readers high quality (no pitch) content which makes them a hero to their list without having to create it themselves. The readers get high quality content that helps them along the way to solving their problem. And you get to build a list of people who respond to the types of offers you have to make.

    All for nothing more than a small investment of your brain power (to figure out what type of free content to offer), and your time (to create the content).

    Hope that helps.
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    if you have patience, then I will go for SEO. If you want instant result than go for SEM
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    I would say promoting your your page on related forums, and blogs.
    Thats what i use and i see decent results.
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    Youtube is a great way to drive traffic to a squeeze page quickly. SEO white hat methods for a better long term result
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      I think it's better not to rely only on one method to drive traffic to your squeeze page.

      Just pick up the best 2-3 methods,the list is big...... like: article marketing,press releases,related to your niche forum posting,videos,scribd,squidoo,hubpages e.t.c.
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        - Im not sure if there is a single best way to drive traffic to a squeeze page, as there are alot of factors to take into account.

        Paid traffic(ppc) would probably be the quickest if its a newly built site tho it could cost you alot of money if you dont know what your doing.

        - Free traffic takes time and work but its free.

        You also would have to take into account the quality of the traffic, how well is the traffic source converting.

        - Ill have to agree with Sonic tho,

        If you focus on one source for traffic especially if it was seo, if google happens to change its algorithm slightly as it oftenly does, all your efforts could be washed away.

        - Dont put all your eggs in one basket..

        Video marketing(youtube), Classified ads(craigs list), Facebook Fan Pages, Blog commenting.. all effective ways of driving traffic..

        --Hard to say which is the best as they all take their share of time, hard work and determination to see results and the results vary depending on the time and effort you put in

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    The best is SEO + Blogging....... Create few free blogs (Blogger, wordpress), write useful posts (Both SEO and reader friendly) while putting links into squeeze page among the contents. Next, start building backlinks......

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    since google bought youtube, videos are ranking really high now even on competitive keywords. for free traffic you tube is good. make sure you give people a reason to go to your squeeze page in your vid presentation.
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    Yeah I would definitely be finding specifically where your "prospects" are hanging out on the web. It might not be high traffic, but it will be targeted, and there is no better traffic than that. I would go directly to niche specific forums and then create a blog.

    It's easy to make yourself look like a professional online. Building trust through email campaigns does take time as it's absolutely vital.
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    Youtube Video Marketing,
    Quick and Easy. highly profitable.

    Then Google SEO.
    A bit longer but; if done right w/ properly researched keywords, can be higherly profitable.
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    free press releases
    blog commenting (very good)

    oh and with articles, you better create something very special as thanks to bum marketing there art boat loads of crappy spun articles out there and google will only reward you if you have high quality content that is not spun. I still slap my forehead when I see all those "how many articles should I spin?" threads in here..oi oi oi.
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    Search Engine Optimization: Search engine optimization and link building. This is very popular, because it doesn't require paying for traffic like pay per click methods.

    Online Press Releases: Press releases are also an option. PR Newswire is expensive, but popular, if your product is unique and valuable. Some free and inexpensive methods are also available, but they will not probably have the long term value that a PR Newswire release will have.
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    Press releases are pretty powerful, in my opinion much more than articles of comparing word for word, punch for punch. Google gives a lot of love to a service called Webwire which I believe costs about $19 or so. There are others, but that is certainly a good one. Your press release only can be around 300-350 words which is actually less work than articles. They also get syndicated widely around the web automatically because of how press releases work.
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    When it's squeeze page then we all know web-page will be empty. I mean lack of good content & search engine know it spam site. So, SEO not going to any help PPC will be best.
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