Reviving A Dead List : Here's your step by step plan.

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A lot of people have a email list that they've ignored for a while. Well if you'd like to revive that list and get them to start giving you money, pay close attention to what I'm about to show you.

This is a step by step method that I can virtually guarantee to wake up that sleeping list and get them to pay attention to you again.

It's an 8 day plan that engages the list with a survey at the end. The survey is important because it gives you a chance to find out exactly what the list wants you to sell them, and it also gives you a chance to pitch something after your reader has finished the survey. That way you get to bond with your list, find out what they want, and still make some cash along the way.

Anyway, here's what to do...

Day 1 - Send an HTML email (formatted to look like plain text, no pictures etc) with a subject something along the lines of "I just posted a awesome new video on my blog".

Then the body copy would be something like...



I just posted a really cool video on my blog. It goes over everything you need to know about (insert some subject they're interested in). Check it out.

Also I'd really like to hear what you have to say about it so please feel free to post your comments after you see it.

Your First Name


This is assuming you have a blog in place. The same thing will work if you send them to a static page on your site, but you really want to send them to a blog to consume the content. Trust me, it's just more effective that way.

Also be sure to turn on click tracking in your email management system, and DO NOT pitch anything. The stuff you send has to be 100% valuable content.

Day 2 - Segment the list and resend the same email to everyone who did NOT open the email you sent on Day 1. You can either use the same subject line or change it slightly to test response.

Day 3 - Send great content piece number 2 to the entire list. Same email strategy, catchy subject with short body copy that sends them back to your blog.

Day 4 - Same as day 2. Segment and send to everybody who hasn't clicked yet.

Day 5 - Send great content piece number 3 to entire list. Same drill.

Day 6 - Again same as day 2.

Day 7 - Here's where you send out your "Can I get a little help?" email. Body copy something like...



I've been getting a ton of replies to the content I've been sending out and I want to start by saying "Your Welcome"!

It's been a pleasure and I know you'd do the same for me if our positions were reversed.

Anyway, I could use a little help with something. See I'd really like to know what kinds of stuff you'd like me to send you and just get to know you a little better in general. That's why I've set up a quick survey here.

(put an obvious link to your blog here.)

You'd be doing me a big favor if you'd take a couple minutes to fill it out. That way I can get to know you better and find out what kinds of content you want.

Also I've arranged a nice surprise for everybody that's willing to help me out with this!

Thanks in advance,

Your First Name.


When they click the links in your email they go to your survey page where you can get some valuable info, I'd try to keep it short enough to complete in just a couple minutes.

Then tell them that when they submit their answers they'll be redirected to a page where they can get their "nice surprise". In case you haven't guessed, the surprise is something that makes you money. Maybe a free 7 day trial to your product, maybe a nice discount, whatever. Get creative but make them a offer that leads to you getting paid.

Day 8 - You segment again and resend the "I need your help" email to everyone who hasn't opened it yet.

Now, there's obviously a little more detail to it than this. There's no way I could explain it fully here, but this should give you a good starting point.

The whole thing is a reciprocity play. See you keep sending them good stuff over and over without giving them a chance to do anything for you in return. Then you give them that chance by "helping you out" with your survey.

The survey isn't seen as an obvious sales piece so more people will fill it out since it doesn't seem like you're trying some lame cash grabbing tactic. Of course you do still try to get some cash, you just do it after they've filled out the survey.

I didn't invent this strategy, lots of people having been using it in one variation or another for a long time. But trust me it works and it's something you can repeat over and over with slightly different content pieces and offers. Over time you'll find you can "wake up" quite a lot of your previously sleeping list this way.

Hope that helps,


P.S. If you have any questions or something to add please post it here!
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