Social Bookmark Back Links Not Registered by Google or Yahoo

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Hey Guys... Big Question Here about Social Bookmark software back links...

Known social bookmark post back links are not shown in Yahoo explorer or the Google index -- even though they actually do exist within each social bookmark account profile.

For several weeks now, I have submitted social posts, about 5 to 10 per day. Started new accounts and registered with all three of these software packages:

1. SocialMonkee
2. OnlyWire
3. SocialBot

All of these packages say submissions are complete or successful. Yet, when I do back link checks on my various websites, none of them show any links from these registered social bookmark services.

Seems very strange to me. For example, I WILL see links to this post or even those from Warrior Forum (which I don't even ask for)... but no links from all these submissions which I carefully perform on a daily basis.

Does anybody know what's up with that? The weird thing is, for example, can go into the Diigo, StumbleUpon, or Digg accounts and actually see EVERY post successfully on their sites. However, nothing shows up in a back link check from Google or Yahoo explorer.

Is there something extra needed to be done in order for the back links to actually register on Google and Yahoo?
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