If you could start over in IM - Your Action Plan

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If you could start over and take what you know now and begin again.

What would be your first business focus or venture? And what would be a few steps you would take to make it a reality?
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    I would:
    1. pay for a reputable course
    2. get a mentor
    3. form a mastermind team
    4. stick to just ONE proven business model

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      Id have to think awhile to create an 'action plan' But the one thing I would change for certain is I would stick to one project at a time. . . Fine a profitible Niche and FOCUS

      (For awhile anyway)

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        I don't think the actual method you use is as important as finding one thing and sticking to it.

        Also, whatever you decide to try, find a blueprint that will take you step-by-step through the process.
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        I decided recently that I want to become much more focused with my marketing. I'd definitely rather specialize and be excellent in one thing, than be mediocre at a few things.

        I've cut back all of my marketing activities, to focus soley on one simple business model. This involves giving away my absolute best online marketing strategy information for free. I decided that if I can prove myself from the start, then my list will be much more attentive to what I have to say. If I can really help them, then I earn their trust.

        My whole philosophy has shifted recently and I'm now at the point where I want to concentrate all of my efforts on genuinely helping people. So my current method is:

        1. Giving away my absolute best quality info for free
        2. Building relationships/trust over time with my email list
        3. Promoting only the products/services that I have tried and love

        It's working really well for me, my list loves me, and I have a 55% conversion rate on my landing page offering my free ebook.
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          Although I try not to have regrets... if I had to pick one
          thing, I'd say...

          I wouldn't have signed up to any Internet Marketer lists!

          I unsubbed from 99% of them almost a year ago and
          my business is much better than it ever has been.

          It's not anyone's fault, obviously - we're all in it to make
          money - but I've noticed that the more distractions I
          have, the more I act on them (crazy, right?)

          When I first started online - before I looked at anything
          else - I was making $500-$800 a day consistenly. Once
          I started reading about everyone else's "better idea" and
          had to investigate it all... that's when I had problems.

          With the exception of Ryan Deiss's Membership course, I
          can't think of anything that really impacted me that greatly.

          Carlton had an awesome seminar, but my business partner
          at the time found him and told me about it... it wasn't from
          me reading anything.

          I could've found anything else out from the Warrior Forum...

          And I know there are definitely some greats that have awesome
          emails - people like Kennedy - but I can just read their books.
          And really, I could care less about making millions of dollars
          anymore. I just want enough income to allow me to give
          back and travel without freaking out about costs... so what I
          know now (and knew then) is more than enough to compensate
          for that. No need for any more "better ideas".

          ...so there you have it. =)
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            I probably would have forced myself to stick to just one thing at a time until I mastered it. I got caught in the information overload/ADD trap when I started out and bounced around trying different things for the first couple of years. It's much better to pick one thing and dominate your niche before moving on.
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              Would have not wasted time trying things that were not very profitable (i.e. forums and profiting from adsense) but a friend of mine built a site when he was 12 that became a smash and raked in a doctor's income so I felt I could do it too--my niche wasn't as good--oh well. Lesson: go with proven (and not one hit wonder) business models.
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                Create only 1 webpage.

                Spend the rest of my efforts driving traffic.
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                  Some awesome responses so far. Thanks a ton guys.

                  I see one main theme and it's stick to one thing and go head first at it.

                  SO TRUE

                  I find myself battling that same monster at times. And damn what a profit/motivation/move-forward monster it can be.

                  Thanks again for all your insights and participation in this thread.

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                    1.) Gather all the crap around the house, from friends, family,
                    even the neighbours or local businesses. (you can sell on consignment, for a percentage also, and they'll even cover your initial eBay fees so you can literally start with ZERO)

                    2.) Basic eBay Research to find out what's most likely to sell.
                    - go "Advanced Search" in the eBay search bar
                    - type in whatever garbage I got and want to get rid of.
                    - Check "COMPLETED LISTINGS".
                    - see what has already sold, for how much, how the seller sold it (auction copy, graphics, etc)
                    - copy those sellers, but better marketing, copy and graphics, etc...

                    sell as much crap as I could on eBay.

                    3.) Invest in more crap, buy low, sell high or...

                    4.) Bonk the blonde babe that works at the phone shop
                    so she gets you cheap phones to knock off on eBay.

                    5.) Repeat step 4 in as many area codes EXCEPT your local one,
                    otherwise you might get busted.

                    If steps 4-5 don't appeal to you, please send my photo to the blonde babe
                    you dont want to approach. I'll break her in for you...

                    only cause Im a real nice guy, and want to help you out.

                    In all seriously fun-ness.

                    I'd focus on eBay first.
                    All the buyers are there waiting for you to sell them stuff.

                    Great way to learn how to write sales copy,
                    research other sellers, prices, products and it's a PROVEN method of making money.

                    Once you've tried and know something works 100% for you,
                    you'll have the confidence to try other stuff.

                    and Confidence in your own abilities to make money is really, really important.

                    And have fun!!

                    - aj
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                      I would have gotten a product out faster than I did. And avoided the whole network marketing/buy leads I wasted money on at first. I also would have started using xsitepro instead of SBI as a site builder (less parochial). But in essence, I would still start by building a website, marketing it, getting traffic, learning a bit about SEO. I would have just done it all faster :-)

                      ah, hindsight!

                      "Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored" (Aldous Huxley)
                      "In a time of universal deceit - telling the truth is a revolutionary act." George Orwell
                      "It's not those who inflict the most, but those that endure the most, that shall prevail"
                      (Terence MacSwiney)

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                        Haha... I don't even know that I can say that I've really "started".. Sure, I make money... but I'm like a dog chasing it's tail and always chasing the next big thing. Not to mention, most of that money goes back into supporting this stupid addiction. Make a dollar, spend a dollar...

                        I've just recently started focusing on one thing, but it's just taking so long to take off...

                        And now you want me to come meet at starbucks and talk about something else to distract us both... damn you Ricky....
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