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I have read several times now that you should make your contact us and about us pages no follow so they do not get indexed. Why is this?

Also I read this in response to a post for Google Panda update regarding a site that got smashed to the deep ocean of rankings, in this case is an admin page like a about us page?

"You could make some changes to your site, like making all the links in your pages no follow, make sure the admin pages won´t be indexed, and make sure all your articles are relevant and informative."

Thank you folks
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    It may be considered a source of link juice loss to have non content pages indexed.

    Word went out a year or 2 ago that the link juice blocked by nofollow evaporates from your site, rather than being diverted to other pages, making it look like link sculpting in this are may be a waste of time.

    Although anyone doing local business would want the address in their contact page (or elsewhere) to be indexed, to help local search matches.

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    nofollow simply tells search engine robots not to 'follow' the link. It does not tell them not to index the target page. If you do not want a page to be indexed, you will have to specify 'noindex' in the meta. A common misconception is that you need to use nofollow AND noindex together in the meta. This is simply not true. You may not want that particular page indexed, but you MAY want the incoming robot to follow links on that page to other pages on your site.

    For your admin pages, you would want to use both because maybe ALL of the links on that page point to other admin pages. This is a good place to use nofollow, noindex. Otherwise, all you need is 'noindex' to let robots know which particular pages you do not want showing up in search engine results.

    I also agree with webapex that if you are a local business you are probably going to want those pages indexed. Just be sure to provide good content about your business including references to the geographical area that you serve and provide links to additional pages on your website for more information about your products and services using anchor text linking.

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    You can use those pages to your advantage. Work on your about page, it's the most important page on your site. As time goes on it will even be more important. Complete every profile about you, you can find on the net and make it match your about page. Link to your about page from those profiles.

    If all you have is a contact form then noindex it. But you could add your photo, name and other info to your contact page. Make it personal with a good message. Then have it crawled. If you have a local business you should have the exact same contact info on that page as you do in your Google Places page and Bing Business Portal page.
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    I have read several times now that you should make your contact us and about us pages no follow so they do not get indexed. Why is this?
    Don't bother. It's not going to make a difference.
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      I don't know where you heard that, but it's bad advice. Any way for a potential customer to get onto your site is a good way. Your about and contact pages are an important part of your site and, if properly done, help show your prospects you're the real deal. As long as you have clear navigation, you're all set. The only pages I would add the "noindex/nofollow" tags to would be your privacy/tos and login/admin pages (but there really should be no links to your admin pages in the first place).
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    Making About Us and Contact us pages No Follow, does not means that crawler should not crawl them. If it is recomended to make them no follow then it will be so because link juice should not travel. According to my experience, these pages should be indexed by Google and have best content in them in complete form.

    Also use privacy page for your website. This will definitly provide best advantage to your website. And it is recommended by Google.
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