Newbie - Planning to create an ebook-sale only niche site but adwords/kwt says there's no advertiser

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Hi Warriors,

Literal newbie here in both the forum and IM in general.

I want to create a website targeted only to a single product (at the most 2-3 related products from the same company).

My monetization plan is to simply sell a comprehensive ebook that teaches people how to use the item beyond the user's manual - essentially, a 'field-guide, beyond the manual' type of ebook.

BTW, it's an electronic consumer good item that hasn't been officially released on the market yet, but they've officially announced it to launch worldwide next month.

Given that physical book sales of these kinds of products are selling like hotcakes in bookstores and amazon, I figured there's enough of a market for these kinds on product to be distributed in ebook form.

In addition, this brand is a niche brand by itself. There are 3 or 4 main players but none of them have a comparable product so this company has a pretty good market share for their niche worldwide.

I did some basic searches using GKWT, Brad's Niche Finder, and Traffic Travis, there's certainly enough exact phrase searches for the keyword I picked (which is essentially the actual brand and

There are existing sites but they're all PR 0-1 only and most (17/20) of them are just syndicating the press release announcement of the company a few weeks ago.

Right now, I'm seeing around 8,000 searches globally (broad), 1,900 searches (exact phrase) for this item's keywords.

Just for kicks, the current version of this product is receiving 50,000 (broad) searches globally, close to 5,500 (exact phrase).

My problem lies with the fact that there are:

1) No Advertisers (No Adsense ads at all)
2) Low CPC (under a buck)...

Now my questions are:

1) Does the 'no advertisers' and low CPC matter if I don't really plan to monetize this with Adsense? Even if the search results are decent (close to 2000/mo exact phrase search, considering the product's not officially sold yet).

2) Will an ebook-only site work out? I'm not sure I have seen sites who only monetize on ebooks alone, if there are, kindly post some links (as I've mentioned, I'm new at this).

3) Given that the product isn't even out in the market yet and it's receiving close to 2,000 exact phrase, 8000 broad phrase, does it sound promising or at least profitable (by profitable, I mean it at least covers my hosting, effort, and domain cost) given that there's little to no adsense advertisers?

Hope to hear from you guys. Thanks.
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      Originally Posted by davidtong View Post

      May I seek for advice please, thanks a lot.

      I did some basic searches using GKWT, Brad's Niche Finder, and Traffic Travis, there's certainly enough exact phrase searches for the keyword I picked (which is essentially the actual brand and
      I'm not sure if that sentence quoted above means you want to use the name of the product as a domain name, but if that's what you're thinking you better think again. That can be a huge No-No for legal reasons. Hint: Possible Trademark infringement. (And yes, they can Trademark the name after the fact.)

      As far as creating a successful site around the ebook concept, you may never know unless you test it. You can hear solid arguments both Pro and Con, but testing the market is the only way to get actual proof.

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    I see, I'm curious about the domain though, aren't there a lot of domains/sites like photoshop[insert tailwords] or bestappleiphone4 etc... So as long as it's not exactly like or (assuming they're available), and you added pre/suffixes like appleiphoneguy it's OK?

    The product I'm planning to promote is basically a 3rd gen version of the same item. Like iPhone 1, iPhone 2, iPhone 3, iPhone 4, and the company never bothered registering for the first two versions' domain names, should I worry about the third version's domain?

    I found sites like playstationhome dot com, nikond90 .co .uk (sorry, i can't post URLs yet), for example, that purely showcases a particular brand and model but it's not owned by the company themselves. Are these sort of URLs OK?
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