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Hi Everyone,

I need your help.

If you are an IM with serious ethics, I really want to hear what you think on this one.

NOTE: If you are a "relativist" and think whatever you can get away with on the internet is fair game, this is not a question you will find interesting so please do not post.

--------- THE SITUATION -----------------------------------------

We all send email. And getting email is a tricky pursuit.

We are using a Viral Inviter (just like facebook, twitter, etc. do).

So we are literally importing 10,000's of emails per day.

However, emailing these folks to invite them on behalf of their friends has been an absolute beast.

At first, we used their friend name, like many social networks did, but our members did not like this. Too many of their friends were confused and started emailing them instead of us. Headaches. Unhappy folks.

So then we started sending emails directly from us.
This poses deliverability challenges.
We have a proposed solution using a series of shared hosting accounts to spread out the volume.

However, hosting companies have "fine print" that say anything from do not spam to do not send unsolicited bulk email or commercial advertisements.

Now we all know people send email every day, using servers.
Doesn't make it right. When i check the "terms and conditions box" to me that is like looking someone in the eye and shaking their hand. So i want to honor what i agree to.

Here are the two questions

1 - How would you go about emailing "imported viral lists" in the most ethical and effective way?

2 - If someone opts-in to a network of offers (aka "i agree to receive offers from Bob and partners) would this constitute or not constitute unsolicited bulk email since they agreed to receive offers from partners and you are a partner?

Thanks and God bless -
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    Technically if they agree to partners contacting them, thats not unsolicited as long as you can prove its part of that partner network. I would state so at the bottom or top of the email's I sent. As for lists its better if you make them yourself, not buy them from a source and God knows where they came from.
    Victoria Gates - Digital Marketing Specialist

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    thanks victoria for sharing
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    1 - How would you go about emailing "imported viral lists" in the most ethical and effective way? Answer=NEVER make sure your list is clean and by clean I mean have signed up and want to get mail from you using lists that come from elsewhere is not your list so don't mail.

    I am unsure how to answer your second part If the list they sign up for is on a network like 123greetings and they have confirmed to receive offers then all good if they have been added in bulk again (i.e. imported from other sources than your ar) Do Not email them

    "As a man thinks in his heart so is he-Proverbs 23:7"

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