Why "Black Hat" SUCKS! :P

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Hey guys,

Just wanted to share a cool story with you today! ...

2 weeks ago, I started using "black-hat" techniques to get more Facebook fans. Guess what, I got 'em. I got many!

With what knowledge I had, I also made $368 promoting them a product ... So why does it suck?

I sat, thinking, "I Made Money! But, why am I not happy, then?"

I think you got it already. I've heard many people say this too, but not share it .. So yea, I got guts!

It didnt feel like it .... I'd rather be happy making $10 bucks with my hard work and WiTHOUT "blackhat" stuff, rather than making $20 with it.

Would love your opinion on this!

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    Hi Jonny.

    I think if you do things ethically online then you should be happy. However, carrying out "Black-hat" stuff can sometimes get you the results...but at a bigger cost. You should ask yourself the question "Do I want to do business the ethical way, or Black-hat way"?
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    Exactly. People who think blackhat is the 'right' way to make a GOOD income online, are really short-sighted. Today u may succeed at earning a couple hundred dollars, but in the LONG run, only those who follow reasonable and ethical strategies are the ones who can TRULY stand out of the competition, prove to be the best in their field and keep succeeding for years to come. There's no real shortcut to success. Never was, never will be.
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    Not all bh stuff is unethical, but I have seen stuff that borderlines being illegal.

    Its not just bh stuff that is unethical in this biz. If you write a review of a product without ever using the product would you consider that ethical. I wouldnt.

    This is a business where you really have to use your morals on all aspects of what you do to be truly successfull. Even if it means choosing $10 over $1000.
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    There's a time and a place for black hat, although it's generally better to stay away from it. It's unfortunate, but that's the way businesses are run. It's all about making money.
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