Anyone selling Plimus Affiliate products

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Hi All

Im looking at signing up with Plimus as an affiliate to market some of the products their , but wonder if they are good to deal with (as in honest , reliable, prompt payers etc). Appreciate any feedback before i take the plunge


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    Yep, we use them and have never had a problem with them.
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    I would like to know about them too.
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    Just to be clear, I've not sold my own products through their network. I have and continue to promote products on their network on some affiliate sites.

    I've never had a single problem with them. They are very prompt payers and a very professional network.

    That's my feedback...
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    I think plimus stopped accepting all IM/Make Money Online products, saw it in the email sent by Mark Sherris after his CB Auto Profits launch failed
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  • I have sold Plimus products for a while now and make some good money with them. However, their selection of products is mostly forex and programs for computers. They do still allow make money online products, however, everyone just uses clickbank for those. The problem is they don't have as many affiliates as clickbank so it's hard to launch a product with them.
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    I have been selling Plimus for since march and they have nerver delayed a payment. I also like the fact that they have many ways to get paid. What I don't like is their tracking as it's really basic.

    Also while choosing your products see how the vendor has performed (look for breaks in his or her score) as I occasionally get emails saying a product you are promoting is no longer supported (or something) and a product you are promoting has been restored. This has never affected me at all, just thought I'd mention it.

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      I like ClickBank better. There's more to promote and I think it has better customer service.

      Michael M. Meyers

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    Plimus are good and always pay on time. They treat refunds differently to CB which long term works out the same for the affiliate, but short term is better. ie. CB deducts refunds made up to the check payment date, Plimus only deduct refunds made during the payment period.
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    Hi, got my own product on plimus,

    It is good for vendor an affiliates.
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