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hey all,
i was looking through google for somewhere i can get fairly cheap articles written for a web page. yes i already realise that cheap is probably average to crap and that the write probably isnt english fluent etc etc.. i read a couple of forums about this topic but it was annoying having to scroll through the pages cos everybody had to put their 2 cents in about hiring someone to write an article for cheap.

All i want is a list of websites where you can get this done, thats all, so please if anyone knows a website please post it, no big comments. (sorry if i sound rude i just want to discourage people from commenting without relevant website links)
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    Okay here's a relevant website for you. Try They specialize in SEO optimization.
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      Originally Posted by Cee View Post

      Okay here's a relevant website for you. Try They specialize in SEO optimization.
      I second that. The site is cheap and you can get content for as low as 1 cent per word. If you are looking for even cheaper price, I must warn you that you will get crap only.
      wrestling news & spoilers

      I am a writer, so if you have a JV in mind or want to order some articles, please feel free to send me a PM.
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    I write pretty cheap , what do you need and for how much ?

    "professional writing priced right "
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    I found most of my writers from Craigslist believe it or not. These are quality articles as well. $3 for 400 words and $5 for 500 words and above.
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    CC articles is good, and also very low price and great quality.
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    The right mind-set, the right guidance & the right opportunity is all it takes to succeed. If you like it simple check out InfinityDownline Roadmap...

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    I can write articles, or:


    Of those, I've seen Elance to be the best

    English Speaking Writers - 400 word, 100% original articles for $6. Larger projects undertaken
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    Hey if you are looking for best writer then search on Google by type " Freelancer Content Writer" and you got the contact detail of many content writers.
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      There are a number of sources that you can get some quality articles. You can check or They have lots of writers who can provide you good quality articles you can use in your site. And also, they charged you with a cheaper rate per article; usually depend on the number of words per article, ranging from 150 - 1000 words per article.
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    Check my fiverr gig.
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    99cent articles
    people per hour
    Not All these will be relevant, but it gives you a good idea!! (italian) (spanish) (AUS) (Romainian)


    Think Big & Don't Listen To People Who tell You It Can't Be Done....Life's Too Short To Think Small!

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    i think u should go with free lancers in the initial it would be better for making business...
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    text broker along with seo generals content writing service are good ones, but generally, you can find some decent content in the for hire section.


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    Warriors For Hire

    Tried this?
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