Do You Report Spammers?

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I was just on Facebook a while ago, checking out the fanpage of the show I was watching, and I saw that someone had posted a video to the page's wall. The preview shot showed a porn video, which I thought was inappropriate, but what's more disappointing is that when I went through the link to see the video, I was greeted with a still that looked like a player I could click on to start the movie, but which was actually just an image link to an app install offer for some Zynga game.

To say the least I was disappointed. :p I went back through and flagged the post as spam, but I'm wondering if I'm be alone here? Does anyone here flag spam on social networks or any other public sites?
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    Nope, you're not alone. Spamming message boards, email accounts, or fan pages are all deadly sins in my book. I click report when necessary. I think they give all internet marketers a bad name, so anything I can do to help keep them OUT of cyberspace, I'm willing to do, (especially if all it takes is the click of a button).
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  • I believe in your case clicking the flag button was correct. However, I must say, that someone that posts a link to their page on the topic that is being talked about is not a bad thing as long as they only do it once, and have otherwise talked on the subject a few times without their link.

    Networking is a natural thing in my book. If you are in a line at the store and you sell socks and they are the best socks in your opinion, and a bunch of people in the line are talking about socks, join the conversation and talk a little while then let them know about your socks (only once). I believe anyone that is a good marketer of their product has done that in life, so why can't we do it in a forum or blog? Just saying lol
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