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by Richard Moog 5 replies

I am looking for a hosting company like Hostgator with a web based control panel.
I like to have a web based control panel cause from some computers in my area I can't login into c-panel or direct admin.
Firefall issues at my office I suppose

Can you recommend me some good/cheap hosting companies?

Thanks in advance.

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  • Profile picture of the author Tony Dean because many of my sites are hosted with them No trouble with cpanel either or ftp.
    The trouble you are having is due to the sys.admin disabling things like 'cpanel' 'ftp' and other things. You would have to use another computer - not one at your place of work.

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      well hostgator is highly recomended , however are you looking for free hosting companies if so ... then you can also try they give a webbased cpanel in there free hosting packege..

      hope that helps
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        Cpanel is a web based control panel... ?
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          Also Bluehost is using a non web based control panel.
          I tried the demo version,but I can't access from my computer here in the office.


          I am not looking for free hosting,but a paid service.


          Indeed, c-panel isn't a web based panel.

          I know that there are some companies who developed their own web based panel.
          With these kind of panels i can access from every pc I want.

          But if it will be too difficult to find a good company with a web based panel,I will go for Hostgator and access my cp in the evening from my home pc.

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              Please forget about the cheap hosting
              I think this topic can be closed,I will go for Hostgator.

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