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Am I the only one who's videos won't play anymore from Amazon S3?

I can't even log into my Amazon S3 account. The page doesn't even load on their site.

I've had videos playing through Amazon S3 and Easy Video Player for months. So, I know they are set up correctly.

Anyone have a good workaround?

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    yeah im in the same boat mate.......videos just dont play so i took it down, you sent them a email yet?
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      It's back up for me. Glad to know I wasn't alone. Hope yours is back up too.

      I guess they just wanted to test my heart.
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    You can check the status of all of Amazons Web Services including S3 at AWS Service Health Dashboard - Jul 20, 2011

    They don't show an S3 outage today however, and our videos don't seem to have been affected (at least as far as I'm aware). They did experience a problem with their Route 53 DNS Services earlier today though, apparently it has been resolved.

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