I Learned A New Trick!

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I learned something that you may or may not already know today, and I wanted to share it with you.

It has to do with converting an image you have created or downloaded into a jpeg. I have struggled with this because I will sometimes create E book covers and then have to find a way to convert them easily to upload to sites like Kindle and Publit.

I spent some time on Google and I found the easiest way.
Save the image to your desktop.

The example I will use is a book cover I created in Inkscape, but wanted to upload to Kindle Self Publishing.
Here are the steps;

Save Image to Desktop
Right Click on the Image
Click on Open With
Choose Paint
Save Picture as JPEG
Worked perfectly, and the picture quality stayed great!
Hope this helps some warrior out there.

Thanks for reading,
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    Thanks! This will help me out with certain things on my website, its so simple also!
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    Good work. Self learning gives more confidence and satisfaction. Keep up the good work.
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    Sounds fine, but better to save as a PNG, so sharpness of image will be preserved.
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    Handy for the less tech savvy folks .
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    Very good work figuring that out. Best of luck with your business.
    Victoria Gates - Digital Marketing Specialist

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    Pretty good trick! I usually just go through GIMP or some other open source software. It's free stuff, so I'm in favor. It's sort of like a free version of photoshop.
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      Some of this basic computer knowledge type stuff slowed me down quite a bit at the beginning. I found that there are tons of instructional videos on youtube that explain quite a bit of these basic skills.
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        It's so funny too, because about 2 weeks back I was at ends as well and thought to myself...."wait a minute! it JUST might work!". And sure enough you can convert to PNG as well.

        Thanks Emily for bringing it forward for others to benefit from
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    Thanks. Very helpful advice.

    Make tons of money online doing micro jobs with Gigawa.


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    yeap. Really helpful.
    In case you use Mac, you double-click it and after it opens with Finder, click on File > Save as... and choose the format you want.

    In mac you can also choose the quality of the converted image
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    Yep, I learned this trick a while ago and still use it to this day. Easy peasy once you have it all figured out.
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