300 unique visitors in 4 days!! Good or bad?

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I just checked the site stats and i got 300 unique visitors in only 4 days... Is it nice traffic??? Or I can pull in more? if yes, then how?
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    its good but is it targeted traffic? keep it up

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    That is very good traffic unless you are using some sort of traffic rotator or misleading folks or something.
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    That is great traffic for onl 4 days, congrats, as stated is it targeted traffic? are these viewers signing up to your list or looking to purchase? what are you doing to retain a viewer once they land on your page??

    Yes you can always puah for more, how are you currently running traffic at the momen? can you scale your method? can you adapt and take advantage of other sources?

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    Using twitter (Or Facebook) is also a great way to get your site more traffic. Especially targeted traffic.

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    That sounds great. But, it depends on if your site has only been up for 4 days or if this is a 4 day period but your site has been up for ages.
    You can always push for more and as stated, make sure that it is targeted.
    Instead of thinking about the number of users - think about the number of sales. How many sales did you get out of those 300?
    You can have millions of visitors but if you don't get sales those million count for nothing.
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    Just keep building high pagerank backlinks to your website and thanks to high PR backlinks your website position in search engines raises which means more traffic to your website.

    Of course also Facebook and Twitter (and other social networks) helps you to get some more traffic. But the best way is to use some SEO services to get your website to better position in search engines.

    Good luck!
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    300 Unique visitors is great just like everyone else said if you are using some kind of website where exchange views then you'll see a lot of unique visitors but they may not buy anything. Not sure if your site is monetized or not. It should be though. Are these unique vistors coming via organic traffic methods or backlinks? Check your stats and see where they are coming from and then you might even figure out where you could advertise more if you were able to get any sales out of those 300 visitors. hope that makes sense....lol
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    Originally Posted by RealExpert View Post

    I just checked the site stats and i got 300 unique visitors in only 4 days... Is it nice traffic??? Or I can pull in more? if yes, then how?
    It depends on the type of traffic and your niche. You could almost retire from 300 visitors per 4 days if the offer on your page is "the right one".
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    Originally Posted by RealExpert View Post

    I just checked the site stats and i got 300 unique visitors in only 4 days... Is it nice traffic??? Or I can pull in more? if yes, then how?
    I guess its all relative. If you are getting traffic from very targeted keywords, you can hope to make a lot of sales (which is what it comes down to).

    Congrats, keep it up!

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      The only thing that really matters is if it's targeted.

      Because, if it's not targeted then you'll need 300,000 uniques to make a conversion.
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        Like most have said above, it's very good and you want to capture their email address in return for useful information in the form of an ebook or report. Stay in touch with those who opt in and give them great content.

        Don't skimp on quality. Social bookmark the site at popular web 2.0 properties, digg, stumbleupon, reddit etc

        Good luck and wish you great things!
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    If its targeted, then 300 in 4 days is quite good. Mind telling us how you got them?

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  • Yes 300 unique visitors could be gold. You need a method of monetizing that traffic though. If your not collecting leads, I would start. Building your list with that traffic, and then developing value with your list has been where I find my highest lucrative results

    Rock on
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    that's not too shabby when you are starting out. Do more of what you are doing or outsource it so that you can do more of what you are doing.

    When you get some money rolling in and your traffic source keeps working, then add one more traffic source until that one becomes reliable and rinse and repeat, just like shampoo baby, just like shampoo!

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      That is great traffic but you can usually always get more especially if you work with what is already working for you.

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    Thanks everyone for the appreciation ....
    the site is like 7 days old and i started adding content on the 2nd day....
    the traffic is highly targeted..
    the main sources of traffic are warrior forum and facebook....
    I haven't yet monetized the site.... i want to keep it kool for now!!
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    If your site is new, 300 unique visitors are great, but you need more and more.
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    That's not bad at all, keep working on it and you will see how far it will go day by day.
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      Traffic is not the only thing you should look at. Check also:

      - Bouncing rate
      - Average time people spend on you site

      After all it all depends on how targeted is the traffic on your site. In other words - are people that visited your site come to the right place in their opinion.
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    That's solid traffic for a beginning site.
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    Congratulations on getting started.....that's great, but the key now is consistent, targeted traffic...you need to be collecting information on your visitors. Offer them something free, get their email address and keep their attention. Good luck and continue to drive the traffic.
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    Everything depends on your conversion rate. If a few of these 300 visitors will take an action and subscribe to your list or purchase your products then, this traffic is good. Now, if nobody does anything, then, your traffic is not targeted, you may need more than 1000 visitors in order to see the results you want, etc. Everything depends on your success.

    Many people are making money by having 300 visitors/subscribers, while others cannot make a cent even if they already have 3000 unique visitors who already became their subscribers.

    Of course, you should always work on getting more traffic, but also on having a good conversion rate. Otherwise, you may need to change your products, or improve your website, or do many other things in order to be happy with the traffic you get and the money you make.
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    I am making a discussion forum.... its still under construction though...
    In the meanwhile, i keep my site updated with the news related to google+
    and this give my visitors something to read....
    my list is also growing daily....
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    well, if targeted traffic, that is nice, if your website is new, then is good as well, but it really depends, you are looking for conversions more than traffic, you can have 10 visits/day and a good conversion and make a lot of money, or have 10000 visits/day and no sales then there is no point
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    As told already, i haven't monetized it yet....

    What are other good options in contrast to google ads????
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      Yeah its good to get 300 unique visitors in 4 days. Congrats!!
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    Originally Posted by RealExpert View Post

    I just checked the site stats and i got 300 unique visitors in only 4 days... Is it nice traffic??? Or I can pull in more? if yes, then how?
    I didn't get a chance to read all of the other replies yet, but I wanted to give you a more important question to ask yourself...

    How many of those 300 unique visitors did what you want them to do?

    Unless you're getting paid on a CPM basis, you could get 3 million uniques and it would not matter if they aren't giving you the response you want. It could be a sale, an opt-in, a vote on a survey, or whatever but if they aren't doing what you want, all you're doing is burning bandwidth.

    Remember, the formula for success with a website is Traffic + Conversion. One without the other won't keep the lights on.
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