How Do I Promote a New Blog?

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Hello fellow warriors,

Just set up a new blogspot blog and was wondering if anyone here knows the best ways to begin the marketing process, i.e. rss feeds, directories, etc.

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    backlinks, backlinks, backlinks... get the site ranked on some related easy to rank on keywords and start there, also provide a way for your visitors to build links for you using link bait like facebook like buttons and so on. Good luck

    Im president of White Label Links Inc. A leading SEO and Internet marketing company based out of Jacksonville FL

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    Hello Quiescen. I assume your site is piano lessons online. Since you have already determined your niche your next step is to select your keywords that would be most pertinent to your niche.

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    I would advise stepping back and going with your own domain before you start investing time and money on a blogspot blog. Your own domain and hosting will only set you back about $20 and then you own it.
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    You can do the ff:

    Exchange links with other bloggers
    Submit to RSS directories
    Submit to blog directories
    Submit to general directories
    Create free plugins
    Create link bait
    Post Announcement on Usenet
    Post to Forums
    Comment on DoFollow blogs
    Start a 2nd blog and link to yourself
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    Thanks for all the great suggestions! Keep em comin!

    Play Piano in Just 1-Hour! Free Lesson Shows You How!
    Online Piano Lessons by Quiescence Music

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    You can also write articles for sites such as ezinearticles, and link back to your blog in the resource box.

    You could post free classified ads offering "information on XXX subject (free)" etc, to attract targeted visitors

    You could find blogs in your niche and ask to "guest blog," then link back to your blog in your posts.

    You could create a free ebook on a topic related to your niche, and upload it to sites that will distribute the ebook for free. Of course, you would put your blog link in your ebook several times to attract those "downloaders" or readers to your blog.

    Hope those help!
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      Backlinks is the key to promote your site. But you need to make sure that you focus your energies on the backlinks that will give your site maximum boost. Some of the ways you could do this is:

      1)Comment on blogs in your niche - The higher the PR of the blog and the lower the comment count on the post, the better for you.

      2) Forum Posting - Post useful comments in forums in your niche that get a lot of traffic.

      3) Article Dirtectories - Write an article and post it to the top 5 article directories.

      4) YouTube - Create a video or have someone do it for you at Fiverr and upload it to youtube and other video sharing sites.

      5) Social Media - Use Facebook etc to promote further.

      If you follow these five methods, you'll certainly see a big difference,

      Wish you all the best,

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    There are many methods to promote a new Blog. Here is one method. Go to Twitter, type your main keywords on search box and search....... find the people who're with same interests, and follow. Next, start building relationships with them.

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    Firstly of course post a quality blogs then syndicate your content by doing social bookmarking, submit it to facebook and twitter and as well submit your to blog directories.
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