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So, I'm deciding on picking up my main project and sticking with it for next 3-4 months. I decided to go with a "Movies" or "Movies and videos" niche. Here is my dilemma. I have two routes to take, 1st is create a site just for the movies, something like top 10 or top 20 movies. I can get two domain names for it:
Example (Not exact domain names): with 110k monthly searches OR with 90k monthly searches. Now, is already established website, but it's kinda sh*tty.

Now route 2: I can get a domain that covers must see videos and movies, or just videos. Exact match .com domain, 90k monthly searches.

So, IM gurus which route would you take? Is it better to narrow it down and stick to just movies, or should I include videos too?
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    Route 2

    Why? More money making options.

    The most common version of this niche I've seen are the movie trailer sites. Promote new movies and when they hit the stores you add your amazon links.

    You can also expand it to include other junk like posters and t-shirts.
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      Also, I would go for route 2. By presenting the top 10 or 20 must see films, people will be curious of how and why this movie made it to the list? And by using trailers to add more surprise and excitement to moviegoers, you may add then your links. It's like presenting the idea to the public that there are exciting movies coming soon or are now in stores, which will make people visit some shops through online to check the movie.
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    ^ Ok. I'll start focusing on the movies first. See if I can rank it high enough to get some traffic.
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    Ok, well I f*ed up first time doing my "keyword" research and forgot to select "exact" in the search ...
    So back to square 1 ...
    Domains I found:
    .net with 4,400 global searches, 1900 monthly. Is it worth it?
    .com with 260 mothly searches .... lol
    .net with 6600 global and 2400 monthly
    They all have low CPC, so I guess to monetize it I'd have to go with affiliate market.
    The domain focuses on new movies that are coming out.
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