Product Launch Mistakes? - did you make any ?

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Those of you who have done product launches, what mistakes have you made? and do you care to share them with us, so that we are aware of them, and dont make them ourself.

eg- if using paypal, phone them in advance, to let them know.
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    Probably the single biggest mistake that most people make with product launches is that they launch too soon. Here's what I mean.
    • They launch before adequately generating buzz with affiliates, or, worst yet launch without any affiliates onboard yet.
    • They launch before developing a high quality upsell that is relevant to their main product.
    • They launch without having adequate social proof and testimonials.
    • They fail to do a soft launch (unadvertised with super low price point to remove the objection) in order to "test" the conversions of their sales pages. Yes, there are cost effective ways of doing this.
    • They launch before developing their sales funnel properly to extract as much visitor value as possible from their new leads.
    • They launch before really evaluating (objectively) the quality of their product relative to other products in the market.
    • They price their product too low and give away too much, or way over price it because they see more value than there really is.
    The biggest of these errors is the lack of an upsell. If you can't take the time to create your own upsell product, make sure to find a product that you can promote as an affiliate that ties in well with your product and promote it as your upsell.

    Hope that helps...
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