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I've spent a lot of time reading through WF the last couple of months and I can't help to wonder about the methods you might use for increased efficiency in your marketing efforts.

My degree was in BIS, which deals with operation, organizational and data modeling strategy and efficiency (at least at my uni, god knows how many different ways to go about that minefield). As such, I'm always interested in methodology in reference to organization.

Back when I started, free sites were the thing - you'd setup a traditional linkwheel pushing traffic to your hub. At the time, you could get away with having doorway pages and man was it sweet.

Anyway, it was pretty simple to setup many different subfolders/domains and get a lot of stuff done on one domain.

Nowadays, you can get penalized for even looking in the direction of a site the SE's don't like; even though this information isn't readily available. You can't replicate content, you can't sell links, you can't even safely have sites in the same cblock linking to each other. I'm sure you're aware of that long list of wrong things to do....

So.. how do you handle it? Do you establish a unique domain and site for every angle you go at your niche? Do you have several different hosting accounts or do you rely on submission/content systems like squidoo or EZA? Do you have a consistent system of building out individual sites for your products/reviews/free offers etc.?

Question might be vague - it's late and I gotta hit the sack. Hope you're picking up what I'm laying down.

Interested in hearing your thoughts.

Thank you
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