Which Clickbank product have you made the most money with?

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Just curious... I think it'd be interesting to hear about everyone's experiences.
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    I bet it would be I doubt you'll find many affiliates willing to volunteer that info to any competitors (or even would be competitors) in the same niche.

    For a Click Bank seller on the other hand... well there is easy publicity right there.

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    Yes I do agree with you no one would like to increase competition by disclosing their secrets but I don't mind disclosing my product that make in $80 I know its not big but you know its clickbank very hard to get something anyway I sell pushbutton cash site product that make me $80... I sold 5 -8 But don't know how long it will stay there in my account. you know refunds.
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      Personally, Google Sniper has made me the most money so far.

      Easy way to find out if product is a good seller is to look at the gravity. High gravity basically means other affiliates are making money with the product, but it also means tons of competition...

      You can check out top 10 products in every category at this site...

      CBENGINE - Top ClickBank Marketplace Website!

      IM products have worked best for me so far....
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        I tried the education on math learning as my starter. I can share some because although I was earning with it, it wasn't that much so I added something to my list. I couldn't say it though, as what they have said, more competitions can result to a lesser rate. Just kidding, but you wouldn't be reading such answers in here if they were making the most out of it. You could try to search the top Clickbank product that makes the most money, and from then, learn more of that product before you will sell it to your clients.
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        Originally Posted by stingrays06 View Post

        High gravity basically means other affiliates are making money with the product
        A popular misconception, but it just doesn't mean any such thing.

        Some of the highest-gravity products are internet marketing advisory products of which huge numbers of affiliates each buy one copy through their own affiliate-link (nothing inflates the gravity like that does!) and sometimes no affiliates are actually selling them at all, let alone making any money from them.

        There's no correlation at all between gravity and numbers of sales.

        Many products with single-figure gravities are outselling products with three-figure gravities. That's actually quite common, and there are many reasons for it working out that way.

        Explained in more detail here.

        Originally Posted by sheffernan View Post

        Which Clickbank product have you made the most money with?
        Like any other affiliate making a good living, I won't be saying.

        But am happy to say what types of product I've always done best with - they're simply, predictably, the ones that pass my little 10-point selection-test checklist.
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    Mine is an old product that seems to be finally fizzling out for me.

    The Secret Classroom
    Joel Comm put it out, and it had 12 big name marketers speaking for up to 2 hours each. The content was awesome, the quality was terrible, but it did well for me.

    owner and CEO of PLR Internet Marketing. If you’re an entrepreneur, or would perhaps like to learn how to make money online, through internet marketing, blogging, or affiliate marketing, grab your free copy of my 79 page e-book @ www.plrinternetmarketing.com

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    One of my best selling products had a gravity around 300 when I first started promoting it. However it was not in the IM niche and was a software product that held up to its name.

    Thats about all the info I care to give on my niche.
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    I don't think anyone will like to share the exact product name. But, there are some niches that I have heard work fine: Weight Loss, Betting, Health & Beauty etc (I have not tried all 3 niches personally).
    wrestling news & spoilers

    I am a writer, so if you have a JV in mind or want to order some articles, please feel free to send me a PM.
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    I've only had one minor clickbank success as an affiliate. The product was evry inexpensive, which may have contributed to it selling well. And had very little gravity.
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      I do quite well with the obscure, low gravity (often 0) niche products that have crappy sales pages. LOL! No one wants to promote otherwise good quality products only because some vendors are poor marketers.
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    Two oldies, but goodies that I wrote blog posts and articles about years ago. They are still selling, and they are still great.
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    Surprisingly, many warriors promote AND make money with internet marketing products, which somewhat amazes me considering not only the high competition and prevalence of other clickbank affiliates, but that are so many of them, and you see new ones being created all the time.

    Personally, I've had some success with weight-loss and another desperate health related niche, that's all I'll say.
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    For me its been 100 lovemaking tips and secrets.
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    This is a funny thread, I really think that if someone is doing well, they would not want to release their secrets in here. I would be careful reading into some of these comments.

    Think about it for sec. lol.
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      Of course, it would be foolish for anyone to give away their specific niches after working very long and hard in research and developing. The effect would be the same as happens to the high gravity products - they get overly promoted and soon become worthless for everyone. Besides, a high producing product for one seldom has the same results for others.

      Instead of trying to find that elusive secret product, learn the process; it works basically the same for all of us successful marketers. Carefully consider what Alexa Smith has posted (#8) including her references. For a very helpful ebook, get a copy of "Turn Words Into Traffic" (available on Clickbank ) by Jim Edwards. It very closely parallels my own marketing methods, and is the essence of many other successful affiliate marketers.
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    I'll tell you something:

    If everyone here said they had made the most money in the 'blank' market and said to sell the 'blank' Clickbank product, imo that would be exactly the product to avoid.

    And, chasing the top gravity products, thinking they are so popular and must be selling a lot, is a mistake too. The best way I've found is to promote products you personally use and like....and ignore all the rest.
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    I don't do much Clickbank stuff atm but in the past it was Forex stuff because they usually have quite decent payouts.

    Actually at the time.. nichechoppers helped a lot.
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    just simply go CBENGINE - Top ClickBank Marketplace Website! and pick any product over there and promote. This is what i did and unknown to me i had made sales not until i received a mail from clickbank that the address i provided was it known to me that i had made sales. Just go over the site and pick a product that describes your passion and promote. You can never e wrong.
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    I would say games, xbox, ebooks, but can't say at the current moment, whats the better and make you most money because of lots of competition.
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    Back in the day when I started out and was heavily involved with Clickbank, I tried all sorts of products but the car auction products on there always did the best for me.

    The funny thing is that I still get the occassional Clickbank check from my car auction squidoo lenses which were built many years ago even though I no longer do any Clickbank promotion....You gotta love it!

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    I made the most money with a paid surveys product. Bought links on a web site (cost $4,000) and made $30,000 with it (net about $26,000). Unfortunately the links were only available for 1 month...


    Call Center Fuel - High Volume Data
    Delivering the highest quality leads in virtually all consumer verticals.

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