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OK if you haven't been keeping up, let me fill you in. First you have to go to this thread to understand the Steve reference...

Next you can go to this thread to get part 1...

And finally just for the record that was the first Kevin Riley post. Everyone else stole my idea. I’m going to talk to Kevin about starting a lawsuit for copyright infringement. His name. My idea. Consider yourselves warned. ;^)


The whole point of my first article was to look at why people create crappy products. I’m not advocating you do that, but if you do I understand why you do it. I still think you’re a life form similar to the parasite that attaches itself to the side of fish and sucks the life out it slowly over months, but I do understand.

Anyway, the point of this post is to cover some of the techniques I use to take average content and turn it into really powerful content. Before you ask, because you guys always want proof before you accept anything here are a couple of reports I wrote. You don’t have to sign up for anything. Just click on the link at the bottom of the posts and download the files. If you like the reports that’s all the proof I need.

Newbies Are Worth A Fortune
Arsenal Marketing

OK first off I start with a premise. Your premise is what ever your report video whatever is all about. This is where a lot of people screw up from the get go. They choose a premise that has been covered a million times in a million products and try to promote it to the same people that have read the same stuff a million times. Personally I use a lot of old information in the products I create, and I’ll get into that more later. However what makes my reports different is the premise I take the old ideas and I apply them in a way that most people haven’t yet. If you look at my Newbies Are Worth a Fortune report, you’ll see I talk about one of the most fundamental online marketing methods out there, but I apply it to a premise that is completely different from what most people are used to.

Once I get a unique premise, I outline my ideas. I list the different topics that I want to cover and make notes about different points I want to make for each topic. I use this just to keep me organized. Generally I’ll come up with ideas a lot faster than I’ll be able to write, so an outline helps me keep track of what I want to talk about. Seriously, if you don't need an outline to keep track of your ideas then you probably don't have enough of them. I'm sure there are some exceptions to this, but just assume they don't apply to you.

Next I start writing. This is important though. I only write when I feel inspired. This can be problematic at times, but it works. Here’s the thing, if you can’t get inspired by what you’re writing then who is going to get inspired by reading it. This may sound like personal development feel good bull crap but it isn’t.

Imagine yourself trying to convince somebody of something that you feel passionate about. If you’re good at debating, you can picture yourself laying out the arguments. You can see yourself presenting the supporting evidence. You can see yourself saying "Look at this. You can’t deny it. This is what I did. This is what happened." That’s the mindset I get into when I’m writing. The debating thing works for me because I’m good at it especially when I’m talking about something I really care about. For you it can be teaching, giving a speech, or whatever. The point is to take that "in the zone" mind frame and transfer it to your writing. That’s how you create compelling products.

Now, I’m not saying that I’m inspired all the time. That’s why I love PLR. I don’t feel like explaining to my reader what affiliate marketing is. So I go through my PLR articles, find one that covers affiliate marketing, copy out a couple parts, edit it to sound like something I would write, and move on. That’s what PLR is great for. You can use it to fill in as needed.

The last thing I do when I’m creating a product is to continue to do research as I’m writing. This will give me new ideas that I can keep using to fill out and improve my report. This is literally how I created my last product. It started out as a free report, but I kept finding new ideas to add to it. 100+ pages later I realize I have a full fledge product and a free report to promote it. I get Jason Johns to make videos to go with it and I’m off and running. Of course now I have to promote it which is coming.

The point is, it is possible to create a great product if you put the effort in. Feel free to add to this post your own ideas. This definitely isn’t the end of all and be all, but I wanted to at least share some of the techniques I use. Also stand by for part III. I had an idea that actually makes creating create content valuable. Stay Tuned.
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