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Hi All

I am getting to the point that I need a VPS as I am running several different pieces of software. Dont want to pay a ton of money for a VPS if possible. Would like to stay around 30 bucks monthly.

Someone suggested this one to me. But want to make sure there are no better offers out there Windows Hosting, Windows VPS, Linux VPS, Reseller Hosting, ASP.Net Hosting with SQL Database and PHP

Looking for some suggestions

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    Thanks Max

    I do how to use google..LMAO

    But I would feel better if someone who was using it suggested it

    Just so many options

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    Try vpscolo.com if you need something that cheap - $5 VPS accounts there. If you need something managed, solarvps.com has managed colo from $34.
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    6sync.com they're the best.

    Generate Unlimited Number of Micro Niche Keywords, Multi-threaded EMD Finder PLUS More!

    50% OFF WSO.
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    When choosing VPS for SEO software type programs is it important to make sure the VPS is windows VPS?

    Sorry this whole VPS is a bit new to me

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    Linux should be fine.
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    hi steerbone

    I think first of all , you should tell us what kind of your software or scripts. In nowdays, the linux is main stream. But the asp scripts still only run in windows environment.

    And if your scripts are php, that's great. Because no matter execution efficiency or price, the linux vps is always better than win vps.

    And if you choose linux vps. I recommand to choose xen linux vps, not the vz linux vps, some litter high price but more steady.

    The last, the execution efficiency of vps is not very important (people always like the more the better) as people thought when you website hasn't have many traffic. So you budget 30/m is enough.

    Just choose a good fame company. If you have no idea, you can visit webhostingtalk(.)com . It is a good forum about web hosting, but still remenber it is really big forum, and you know that means good and bad are mixed.

    PS:I have a friend doing business about vps. the guy is kind. If you have interesting or any other problem just PM me.
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      We went with InMotion Hosting which was recommended to us as the best for small businesses.
      Their VPS plan is $39.95 a month, so slightly above what you're looking for, but it includes free cPanel, unlimited domains within the memory allocated, 2 IP addresses, there's no set-up fee, and there's 24/7 technical support available via phone or email (they pledge to respond to emails within 30 minutes, and they actually do).
      So far we're very happy with it.
      Most other companies we looked at were charging less per month, but were charging extra if you wanted cPanel and there were set up fees, so it ended up costing the same if not more.
      Plus free and easily accessible technical support was a must for us, and to our surprise, most other companies didn't even offer that with their plans.
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    I was with Hostgator until last month and then decided to make the move as the HG servers were very slow for me and complaints fell on deaf ears.

    I moved to liquidweb, I just wished I found them way back, their prices are on the steep side but boy do I love their service, if you think hosgator is good , liquidweb would be like nirvana!! They are the most knowledgeable people I have dealt with.

    I am very happy with them and have no hesitation is recommending their vps.

    p.s I have no affiliation with them. I decided to go with them after doing research at Web Hosting Talk - The largest, most influential web hosting community on the Internet

    Hope it helps


    In Impossible you will find I am possible.

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      In terms of getting quality Windows VPS, use aspnix services.
      They are the best in this segment in the IT business.
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    You should definitely checkout Host The Name (not an aff. link)
    They have tons of VPS plans which are hell cheap and they are pretty awesome
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