Aweber Phishing Scam Alert

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Guys, there's a big problem with aweber at the moment, or at least a group of fraudsters pretending to be from aweber. If like me, you're with aweber, you will probably be getting the following email -

From - Aweber Security Department

Subject - Your aweber account has been flagged

content -

Here at Aweber we take our customers security seriously.

According to our daily reports we believe that someone with a different IP was trying to access your account without a valid permission.

our security system has detected an unusual activities on your account earlier,

for your own security we flagged this case to be high risk.

In order to solve this problem and establish a new secure environment on your account,

please follow the instructions in our secure hosted web form through the link below

... it then goes on to give out a link which asks you for info, which of course allows the scammers access to your email autoresponder account.

This will obviously lead to serious abuse in the wrong hands.

I spoke to aweber about this and they confirmed that this is a serious phishing scam that is going on right now and to not click any of the links in the emails you get from 'aweber security department'

If in doubt, just contact aweber to let them know the content of an email you've got from someone claiming to be from aweber.

Thought I should post a warning about this as I think a lot of people are gonna fall for it.
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