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Ok I need someone to clear this up for me please. When making content sites and using Adsense, Amazon etc... to monetize them.
1. How can you build hundreds of these sites when each domain name costs you 5 to 10 bucks?
2. Can you use places like blogger dot com or word press dot com so you dont have to buy the domain names. If so are they just as effective?
3. Is there any rules prohibiting you putting adsense and amazon ads on the there hosted blogs.
4. Are you allowed to sell clickbank (affiliate products) using wordpress or blogger hosted sites.

Thanks for any help anyone can give.
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    1. Yes
    2. No
    3 and 4 don't matter after that.
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    Blogger is unique in it being owned by google, so adsense is no problem, all the free services have some restrictions though you sll all kinds of sites ion blogger, you can use your own custom domain on a blogger blog, so in the event they did shut down or you grew a lot you can relocate to self hosting with a minimal interuption of search indexing.

    Too many sites at first might cause non of them to be successes.

    There was a time when some pros would create 1000 sites in a single day, populating them with scraped content, if the earned at least a dollar a month they were in the black. Google has lashed back at the monster they created with their adsense program by starting to not rank unoriginal sites, the days of low grade profitable sites may be ending.

    “An expert is a person who has made all the mistakes that can be made in a very narrow field” Niels Bohr

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    1. People need to realize that any business requires a certain amount to start... 5-10$ is the price of a cheap meal if even that, so if you are unable to provide that much, how can you expect to succeed? Also people do not just buy 100 domains the first day they start, usually you start by building a relatively big site before moving on to smaller sites.
    2. You can use blogger/wordpress but they arent as effective.
    3. Dont know.
    4. Dont know. They should have guidelines which you can simply look into before signing up.
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    Building a hundred sites is not difficult, building a hundred that make you consistently good money can be. People starting out in niche marketing often start thinking in terms of 100's of sites. What you need to do is to take one site at a time and create good content, backlinks and monetize it. Then get to the next one.

    If all this is done correctly, you should start seeing results soon. After which, you've got the formula and some cashflow to outsource and ramp up.

    So, one step at a time. Also, you want to own your own domains as some of these sites you'll want to flip for whatever reason. Also, owning the site means you decide how to monetize it and it's less susceptible to changes that might impact squidoo lenses, hubpages etc.

    I hope this helps.

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    You have to spend money to make money!
    But the main question is how much? am I spending too much?
    Well why not give yourself a budget of say $100 (which is not a great amount to invest into a business) - if you are looking at them costing $5 - $10 each, this gives you the potential to build up to 10 - 20 sites. If you worked on these sites (domain) by the time you have worked on all 10 (or 20) of them you hopefully (if you are doing things right) should see enough money come in to continue building these sites and buying domains (so you don't have to use free blog domains like blogger and wordpress dot com).

    But don't forget many people building online sites for content (income coming from adsense, amazon, etc.) have other costs associated to their business.
    Expect to have at least the following:
    - Hosting expenses or get a reseller account to save on this
    - Education - things are changing all the time you have to keep up to date and this usually is in the form of a subscription which costs a monthly amount (or you can pick up some great bargains and great products filled with great information and instructions from the WSOs on here).
    - Tools - Tools such as software to help you research your keywords, and plugins if you are using wordpress - plugins can help save a lot of time.

    I have found my purchasing of domains is not my issue with costs it's more budgeting each month to ensure you spend what you can and not over. I find my monthly subscriptions to tools are my person biggest costs, however they save me so much time!
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