What is the best way to drive local traffic to a Dentist?

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I'm looking for advice as I have a potential client who is a dentist. I have never tried to drive traffic on a local level only. We are looking at basically having an affiliate type relationship, where I will get credit on my account with him, based on a percentage of his earnings from the leads I send him. I plan on setting up an 800 number that will route to his office and have a different ring when someone calls, which they would know came from me.

As of right now, all I know to do is try to rank for local keyword traffic, but so far I've only found about 10 keywords, each with an average of 1 search/day on exact searches.

This is for a relatively large city, so I know there has to be a way to access more people than that, but I'm not sure how to do it.

Does anyone have any suggestions for WSO's that would relate to this? Or any advice in general?

I would really like to find some WSO's that will show how I could do this. I've been searching, but haven't found anything yet. Perhaps I'm just not researching the forum properly.

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    you can do it by getting ranking with your local keywords, you need to do proper keyword research in order to get more visitor
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    Ensure you list the business on Google Business Listings, complete your business profile and add the business number, verify it. This is a crucial first step. Then backlink an according keyword.. say the place was Sydney.. you would target keywords that included Sydney and Dentist..and then breakdown dentist into other relative words and target them..eg.. wisdom teeth removal sydney.

    Hope it helped.
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    For sure it is google places optimization.
    I have built like 2000 place page listings in the last 18 months, and dentists LOVE it, because people who can afford dentists usually have mobile phones. Most mobile phones will search google maps and give you local places based on rank. Totally start them there.
    pm me for advice.
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    Facebook is fastest way to get traffic to clients offer

    I did for other business and they let me run their campaigns for them

    Facebook is highly targeted if you have the right offer for the right audience
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    You can try mobile and normal PPC and also Google Places as mentioned earlier by bmsmarketing.

    I used to work with a local online directory that have a dept running SEO mainly for local companies, and all they did was backlinking to rank high in the local google for example google.com.my or google.com.sg. And when the listings kind of get ranked, they just post to the customers telling them their SEPs and proof of traffic.

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    The best "free" way? or the best way period?

    For local marketing there is nothing that can even come close to saturation direct mail (postcards) ...nothing can touch it, not google ranking, not Facebook, texting, not even TV or radio.

    It allows you to reach on a regular basis every household within his reach. He gets to educate his prospects, change up his offers, establish himself as the authority, direct everyone to his Facebook where the get to know him and build trust. He gets to keep his name constantly in the minds of every single possible prospect, nudging them closer to being a customer.
    There is nothing that can compete with that. There is no better strategic position he could ever place himself in. Direct Mail is the gamechanger for local marketing. If you are marketing...it should be part of your arsenal of services. It can cost about the same or less than what he spends sitting in a yellowbook which is closed 99% of the time and covered with dust.

    Now, since this isn't free you will likely have to change your compensation arrangement.
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    The most powerful way of getting free local traffic is to set up JV's with other local health and cosmetic related businesses.

    It could be as simple as a website link swap, a banner ad, an email cross promotion. Those kind of JV's could easily be free.

    You agree to promote them if they agree to promote you is the basis of this idea. Whatever you do always stack the deal in their favor for the best results.

    I hope this helps.
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