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Regardless if you are part-time, fulltime or your level of experience, your health should always be of utmost importance.
Long hours behind a computer often with no outlet for experience, not eating healthy can lead to many issues.
Transitioning from an IT career into fulltime entrepreneur, I've started to do small things like walking during the day, drinking more water and less coffee, and working more salads into my daily meals.
I'm sure this resonates with many of you here and I'd love to hear how you approach this.
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    15-20 minutes nap in between work also helps refresh the mind...so doing so in addition will be good
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    Health is very important in Life. Everyone should more conscious for it. Everyone should maintain their health and fitness for long living. Maintain it by proper diet and food. Do regular exercise and go to gym to being fit. Keep walking. It is the best exercise to be healthy.
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    I've been neglecting my health for a while.

    Eating junk food, not exercising.

    But I did P90X today and feel 10 times better than normal- now I just have to keep this up!
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    I totally agree! I am pregnant now so its very easy for me to want to sit down all day but I make it an active part of my morning to complete some form of exercise whether its yoga dvd, or a swim at the gym. I try to do this before checking my emails!

    Its great working from home but its important not to get lazy.
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    Health is wealth, as they will always state. If you don't take good care of your health, then it would be difficult for you to attain that wealth. People should stay healthy to earn, to work and to perform in the earning of money. For people who earns their living of facing a computer for long hours, they might consider of taking some time to have their exercise since it is not really that healthy just to sit in front of a computer the whole day and sleep when it's time to sleep. Our body needs activity, like stretching, jogging, walking, to exercise those muscles and to prevent from experiencing cramps or any muscle pain.
    Eat a balanced meal and try to avoid fatty foods that will eventually destroy the body. Vegetables and fruits are a good source of fibre-rich foods and are healthy for the body.
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