What is the best way to launch a site

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one of my friend is launching a site
she ask me on tips about launching
but i am not that experience
don't know how to help her
can u help?
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    That depends on what the site is about. If it's an affiliate site then she needs to write articles, bookmark it, add it to directories - all the usual things.

    If it's about a particular hobby or subject then find forums about that hobby or subject, take part and mention her site when/if appropriate or even pay for an advert on them.

    If it's of local interest then she could send an editorial to the local magazines/newspapers who might publish something. The local radio stations might run something.

    If the site is something of interest to her friends/family then shout about it on Facebook or Twitter or whichever social networks she belongs to.

    That's just such a wide question to answer without some idea of what her site is about and what she hopes to achieve with it.
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      What if both she and i are doing an ebook?
      We both need to get the traffic up
      she is planning another project right now, too
      like a membership thing
      How can I help both me and her?
      is it hard to get WSO?
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    You should also do a press release its an easy way to get backlinks.
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      is there free press release i can do? like a free press release site?
      and which press release template vault is the best

      I want to download tons of PLR and MRR so i can giveaway them on my mailing list

      Know any quality MRR PLR vault? Free or low monthly price or with reasonable one time fee (under $100)

      Thx, in advance

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    If you are aiming to sell your ebook on a wordpress blog or just a normal website then get backlinks and get targeted traffic coming to your site, maybe go on fiverr and get some cheap backlinks I have seen some like, 5000 backlinks for $5 cheap!
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