How Strict is Rule #2 for WSO's?

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Seems like I keep seeing more and more WSO's that are really selling another person's products.

Here's Rule #2

2. All WSO's Must Be Something You Created. A Product Of Your Own. (A package of ebooks someone threw together is not considered a product and will be deleted) This is completely self explanatory and not up for debate. If you yourself did not create the product do not post it here.

I was just reading a WSO post - where the answer to the question "Where's the income proof" was -

"it's so and so and so's product and I didn't bother to look up his earnings proof."

Anyone else noticing these types of 'promoting other people's product' WSO's slipping in?
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    As far as I'm aware that rule is still solid.....just report the thread with the appropriate violation and the mods will take care of it....

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    "it's so and so and so's product and I didn't bother to look up his earnings proof."

    report that crap and get it out of here.
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    I did find some Master Resale Rights products offered by some of the people referred to in the product. That doesn't make it any better . . . right?
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      I saw one today that had been reported. The main product was created by the seller, and he added some resale rights stuff in as bonuses. It was close to the line, but I didn't think they overshadowed the original product. If they had, it would have been moved to the classifieds section.

      That's the measuring stick. Is the main product original? If so, and there are bonuses, do they make a big enough part of the offer that they make the original content look like cover for a resale rights deal?

      Again... Judgement calls. The lines on those can be fuzzy.

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    That is crazy but yes.. and I wondered about the whole deal with someone else bumping your thread for credit to their name thing.
    Victoria Gates - Digital Marketing Specialist

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