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Hello people,

I am new here and very new to internet marketing. I made my 1st dollar (yeah..thats $1) on 2/1/09. Somebody bought one of ebooks i promote at my webpage. I was so excited about it and I am hoping to be successful in this business. I love this business. I don't have to pay for rent, bills or workers salary. Its just me, my pc and my cards.

I am hoping to make more money soon. I like to read on people success stories. It encourages me.

I know, just hoping for success without putting some effort into it would be meaningless.

By the way, is there any tips on how to find products that people want to buy (other than clickbank)? I want to spend money to advertise quality things instead of random stuff.

Thanks & God Bless
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    First, you need to identify a market. You need to identify what niche you want to be a part of and promote.

    Next, you need to identify the needs and desires of people within that market. What do they want that you can give them?

    Once you know what they want, find a product that gives it to them.

    Jesse Kemmerer
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    It sounds like you have started the process. Congratulations!

    Look, you have already made some money, just duplicate what you have already done.

    Wash, rinse, repeat...

    Profitable niches are everywhere. Go to your local barnes and noble and look at the magazine section. Every magazine is a niche. People buy those magazines because they are interested in the topic that those periodicals write about.

    Inside those magazines are even tinier niches.

    ie. Guitar magazine....

    Inside the guitar magazine is articles about playing acoustic guitar, electric guitar, rhythm guitar, lead guitar etc.

    Niches are everywhere. You don't have to promote IM products just because that is how we seem to learn our marketing process.

    Go where the starving crowd is and the marketers are not...

    And when you find it... Let me know!

    Ray S.
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    Hi Ipnow, Welcome to Warrior forum.

    I believe you have to do market research to find your hungry customer.
    Other affiliate program would be paypal or amazon.
    You can check out at, i heard they give $45 for free sign up and very high commision for each sale.

    Good luck-Rudy Y
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      Find people with a problem and offer them a solution.

      Good Luck,

      PS: Don't be so quick to dismiss Click Bank. They have over 10,000 products. I'm sure you can find something worthwhile to promote. Spend some more time there and dig a little deeper.
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        Every magazine is a niche, and the articles inside them. Wow, what a great idea.


        Hidden Ways to Wealth--clear away the “gunk”
        about money using innovative energy tools

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    One of the best pieces of advice I give to any new Internet Marketer is Ed Dale's Thirty Day Challenge. It's totally free video training and takes you step-by-step through the exact questions you asked above.

    Just Google Thirty Day Challenge...

    Take care.
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    Tip: Now that you've found something that works, don't spend too much time
    (actually, try not to spend any at all) finding other ways to make money. Use what you've done to make that quick buck, and expand what you're doing in that area, whatever that may be.

    If you find something that works for you, stick with it! I can't stress it enough. I, myself, even need to learn a thing or two from what I said here.
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    I remember my feelings when I made my first sale online. It was only $3.95 but I was so thrilled. The next thing I did, was to find a way to repeat the sale across other channels and platforms. I am still refining that process as I speak.

    The suggestions offered by rsteadm2 is very useful and you may want to embrace it and run with it.

    I am a magazine addict. I like magazines a lot because I use to be in that industry and to some extent still is. I have a wide range of interesting magazines. I like the homebased business magazines a lot. Opportunities magazines are also good. You will see that these magazies are very insightful. Check your local newspaper stand or supermarkets like Stop&Shop. You will see the magazines that I am talking about.

    I have no financial interest in recommending these useful sites, hope you find them useful a well:, and Read them carefully especially the most emailed, most read section of DMNews. They are very revealing of the general trends in the business world. All you need, is to catch the wave and ride it to success.

    Good Luck to you, Ipnow.
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    wow. all the replies post above been a great help to me. Thanks so much. I will surely do some research on all the suggestion.

    regards & god bless
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        Originally Posted by mlandmark View Post

        Hold said you made your first $1 on 2/1/09?

        or did you mean 1/2/09?

        If you can make money on the future, then we need to talk.
        January 2nd, 2009, 1/2/09, 2/1/09, etc

        depending on your location and/or preference date formats are used differently. You should have gotten that from context, unless you were being silly lol :p
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    It took me about 5 months after my first sale to start making $1000 a week. The key is to measure exactly what is making you money. Then write out an action plan to execute each week to duplicate your efforts. Stick to the plan and you will watch the profit roll in!
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