Did you notice 'Ads by Google' >> 'AdChoices'? Reason?

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Hello, have you noticed that now the text at the bottom of the ads shows 'AdChoices' instead of 'AdsbyGoogle'.

Why Google changed it? Any new logic behind it?

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    I have no clue, and for sure is not something that worries me lol...
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    No worry guys, it is a change by adsense itself. The change has been done around 3 weeks ago.
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    Adsense just make this. Now its ad choice.
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    Noticed it too. Google also changed the adsense site they are calling it "The New Adsense". I guess they're up to something good. Lets hope it doesn't effect us peeps.
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    No idea why the change, but its better I think
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    Adchoices sounds better than ads by googe, and I was not aware of any changes to the site?
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    sounds catchy...

    ads by google sounds so formal...

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    AdWords (and hence adsene) has increased by 18% last year. I feel that my adsense are more between 3-5 % now and not 1-3 % as it was a few months ago.

    One major change was to move the link from the bottom to the second line.

    I think they do many things all the time to increase click through rates, and changing the Ads by google line is one of them.
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    I have both in a 468 size - Adwords by Google with a Get $75 Free Advertising and the the relevant Adchoices ad.
    No wonder my CPC has been at 25 to 50% less than usual. Something not so good is up. This is in a major city so ads should be showing up. Although it is 7pm on a Sunday.
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    "AdChoices" is a new industry wide initiative designed so that consumers can more easily opt-out of and make other choices on the display of online ads. It's not just Google doing it.
    For more info:
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    Kirk is right on this, this is Google's move to give users easy access to their online ad management. Technically the link has been active sine 2005. We knew this change was coming, as of right now from 3-4 weeks of data I have seen no adjustment to adsense revenue. Everything is around the same.
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    I recently as enjoying an unusual burst of Adsense earnings, which I was pleasantly surprised at but of late it has dried up.

    I don't suppose that it coincedes with the name change does it?

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