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Hi everyone i have been thinking of setting up a amazon affilate website selling high end products, has anyone done this on WF if so is it worth doing? i know the % is low but if your selling items which are $3,000 + and the commision is 4% thats $120 etc etc so if im selling good products i assume that you can make a good income,

Would like any advice on this if any one has tried amazon or have a amazon website now how are things coming along?

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    It is a good idea to go for the higher end products on Amazon due to the low commissions. You may not get a lot of traffic but the ones' you get will probably be serious prospects. Amazon is a pretty good partner and many are finding good success, however it depends on your marketing expertise. Good Luck

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      There are thousands of Amazon affiliates and hundreds of them are here on the WF; just search using "Amazon".

      The commission (Amazon calls it 'advertising fee') is only 4% for your first 6 sales in any month, then, for general products, it increases to 6% when you sell up to 30 items, 6.6% when you sell up to 110 items, 7% up to 320 items, etc. If you sell 3131+ items in one month, your rate will be 8.5%

      I have found the trick is to mix and match - sell inexpensive items to boost your sales count; sell high end items for the greater sales price.

      Having said that, you need to find the "sweet spot". If you promote very expensive items, the people you send to Amazon are likely to be more hesitant, especially if they are buying for a business - they may need to bring in or consult a third party before they actually make the purchase. This hesitancy only has to be longer than 24 hours for your Amazon cookie to vanish and you lose all credit for any eventual sale.
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        What I have found to be effective in selling high end products on a regular basis is to build a list of prospects and provide short reviews and recommendations in your email messages. Include a link to your own product information page. Do not link directly to Amazon from your email, however; it is against their TOS.
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    This is a great idea! As others have said, though, you need to sell more items to get to a higher commission. For example, you only need to sell 7 items in order to move from 4% to 6% comission (that's a big jump!) You can get up to 8.5% by selling lots and lots of stuff.

    However, keep in mind that electronics items only pay out 4%. You might want to stay away from those unless you know that you can really do well in that area.
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