How did you get started in Internet Marketing?

by Zesh
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Can you all please share your experiences as to how you got started online?
I got started online when I came across some content online from a guy named Frank Kern

This was a few years ago and I began to invest most of my education in IM. I realised University was not for me so I dropped out and began to study all the different ways to make money online. Despite my friends telling me everything online is a "scam" I had to look beyond that and focus on something that worked.

I have found that there is a HUGE HUGE market out there - online and offline. Find a hungry market, provide a service ..and make money...kaaachingg!!

After finding a business model that worked I have stuck by this.

How did you get started?
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    I started internet marketing through selling an own product (software) without any knowledge about internet marketing. No need to explain, I made nothing at the beginning. Anyway, it was OK after 3 years of dedication.

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    I got started back in high school (1999) with a company called The .com bubble was still strong and this company was one of the first to use browser tool bars to serve ads to "surfers" and collect data. They promoted it like an MLM company. And they paid you and your friends to surf around online.

    It was a legit co. with a easy payout plan. Which is probably why that they went out of business.

    I pestered everyone unfortunate enough to bump into me at school. And I even ran an promotion on my old man's work contacts email list (which didn't go over too well).

    It was a good experience.
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    I got interested in building websites using Frontpage and it just took off from there.

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    Necessity. I started a wine club and the choice of having a physical location open to the public or simply a warehouse and an online store was pretty simple......the physical location was cost prohibitive especially in the San Francisco area which is pretty well saturated with good wine stores already (K&L among them)

    Read our most recent articles on wine, this month it's that unappreciated region called Napa Valley.

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      I started as an offline writer, through a university, then became an online writer, producing articles for internet marketers, and rapidly realised that I'd be earning a lot more by writing them for my own business rather than for other people.
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    I had a genius idea - so I made a product. And nobody wanted it.

    Started looking for answers and figured out I need to learn some online marketing things.

    Then I learned even more... and more.

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