Want to make a software which I will be able to sell and make money - any ideas?

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I am in the last year on university (Computer Science) and I am in the process of choosing the topic of my Thesis.

I will probably make some kind of software (Desktop application - Web application - Mobile phone application) bacause I am quite good at programming (especially in databases).

I want to make a program not only for my thesis but something that I will also be able to sell to people as my own product.

Can I sell a program I made for my university thesis? What if my supervisor claims co-ownership of the software?

What kind of software will sell the most? Or (if you don't know that) how can I find ideas?
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  • Explore. Search. See what people are buying out there. Although there are hungry people in every niche in the world but still you have to step in something which really sells. How about going to some good software site like softpedia, sof32, tucows and see the top downloads for the week or month?
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    Generally speaking, you own the full rights to any software you develop, the moment that you create it (unless of course you enter into a contract with your university or professor that states otherwise).

    As far as where to get ideas... lots of places. Go to any popular software directory (ie Download.com) and browse popular apps. Looks for ways they can be improved. It's amazing how many popular (even VERY popular) programs there are out there that could be greatly improved by adding different/better features or just improving the GUI.

    Another place I like to get ideas is Today | KillerStartups.comâ„¢. And don't forget about the good 'ol Warrior Forum, especially if you're targeting the IM crowd (search the WSO section for popular threads where a software program is being sold).

    Selling software is a great business. If you can come up with a good program that solves a big need and you know how to market that program correctly, you can make some great $$$.

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