How to avoid scam when buying sites on digitalpoint?

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I noticed there are so many scams on digitalpoint. How to avoid scam? How to check the ownership of the site and how to identify the traffic and income statistics? I think some of the screenshots of the traffic and income are fake.
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    Simple, don't buy anything off digital point and avoid it completely.


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      Originally Posted by Chris Worner View Post

      Simple, don't buy anything off digital point and avoid it completely.

      And there are also scams on freelancer sites, so you don't hire anyone to do job for you?
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        Point is - if you want to know how to research DP - ask the question there.
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        For Traffic Best thing is to ask them to give you access in Google analytic account or ask seller to show you live statics using teamViewer any other screen sharing software !!For domains who is record is only solution i think ...
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        Theres a few things you can do to protect yourself against website buying scams.

        - Check the sellers feedback rating.

        - Avoid buying any website that has suspicious traffic and revenue proof (kinda obvious)

        - Insist on paying via Paypal and use a Credit Card if you can. This will give you maximum buyer protection.

        - Ask for a scan of photoID from the buyer.

        - Ask to see all the traffic and revenue stats via skype (you can view their desktop).

        Hope that helps. I have bought and sold a few websites on DP and never had any problems.

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      Originally Posted by Chris Worner View Post

      Simple, don't buy anything off digital point and avoid it completely.

      That's stupid advice. There are some amazing opportunities available on forums like DP, mainly because most people avoid it as they can't be bothered to do proper due diligence.

      Whilst there are scammers on DP, they are on all forums. I've seen plenty of crap sold here in the WSO section with fake income claims too.

      Some things you should do to verify claims:

      Get guest access to Google Analytics. If they don't have Google Analytics, ask for screenshots of Awstats and then screenshare via Skype/Teamview to verify they are accurate.

      Same goes for income stats - use screensharing to verify. If they have Adsense, check the URL channels to make sure it all adds up.

      Do not assume because someone has a high post count, itrader or paid membership that they are legit. Accounts get hacked all the time and their paid membership is only something like $20, so hardly going to stop a scammer if they can potentially make $500.

      Pay via Escrow. Set a reasonable inspection period to ensure you can verify all claims before releasing funds.

      Don't cut corners, and you'll be fine. You will have to take some time sifting through scammers and bad opportunities, but there are plenty of great deals to be had if you stick at it.
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    I would look in our forums here.. you can tell the scammers from the sincere by reviews, account age, paid membership etc.
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