Vendor changed pricing and made me more sales.

by Big Al
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Just a short, simple case study.

One of my first Bum Marketing attempts is still live and generating a little bit of traffic via Ezine Articles.

It was back when I was starting out, had no idea about selling and I found it really difficult to write short, punchy articles. Instead i'd spend hours actually learning about Forex or Trading and write an article that tied into the product.

Well it took so long to write the articles (and I made close to zero sales) that I abandoned that idea for a while and tried something else.

Then sometime last year...

Instead of charging $49 for the product... the vendor changed it to a $1.95 trial with a second payment for the balance a week or so later.

And now that 3 year old article pulls in a few sales every other month.

For me it was a good example of how changing the pricing by the vendor (who obviously knows what he's doing) had an impact and is still testing everything. I just wish he'd done it a couple of years back

For the record the product currently has a gravity score of < 5. In 2008 it must have been higher because back then I was was part of the 'higher gravity = better' bandwagon.

I've since learned my lessons

So affiliates... take note!
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